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Elizabeth Hagen's SavvyBIZ
June 2015
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Time to kick fears out of your life
Dear Elizabeth,

In last month's newsletter I wrote about my mom and her amazing attitude and courage she showed after suffering a horrible accident. You can read about her journey here.
I'm happy to say we are now on the other side!

Thanks to all the fabulous specialists that cared for mom she is doing very well. Her goal was to get back to where she was living independently which turned out not to be an option.

But, she is in a wonderful nursing home where she is content and getting great care.

Again, as I mentioned last month, she shows courage and a positive attitude every day. Because of this she greets everyone with a smile and people love being around her.
Growing old isn't for sissies and neither is running a business

For business owners courage and a positive attitude are a must.  

But, fears can stop us every day from doing what we need to do to have the success we desire..

I face the same fears as everyone else but have figured out ways to walk through and not let them stop me.

One key is to know my values and keep them forefront with any of my decisions. My top value is Faith and I have a great reminder on top of my desk. This helps me to stay focused!
10 Fearless Lessons Everyone Must Know
I want to give you a gift. It's time to kick the fears out of your life. I've written an eBook called "10 Fearless Lessons Everyone Must Know" and I not only give you 10 lessons to be fearless but 3 'Now is Your Time' principles to apply right away and 3 'Fearless Mantras'.

To request a copy of the eBook click here. Read it right away, take the lessons to heart, apply the principles, and say the mantras every day. I can't wait to hear what happens in your life and business!
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Thank you for being a subscriber to my "SavvyBIZ Newsletter".  I'm excited to help you get past what may be keeping you stuck and grow your business with confidence. Now is your time!

Keep being extraordinary~~
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