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Elizabeth Hagen's SavvyBIZ
June  2014.
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It's time to stop the overwhelm
Dear Elizabeth,

As an entrepreneur there are so many choices.  Our creative minds are always thinking of the next thing before we are even close to completing what we've already started.  We can easily feel out of control.

Our mind is like an Ikea warehouse!

I had the great idea of having a worktable in my office workroom.  Not just any worktable but one that was chest high so I wouldn't hurt my back leaning over as I work on projects.

I didn't even know if they existed so I went to the Google machine.  I found a blog post a woman wrote who had also wanted a worktable and figured out how to use parts from Ikea to make one.

Great!  So off to Ikea I went and the only reason I was not overwhelmed in the Ikea warehouse was because I had a plan. I knew exactly what parts I needed and was told the exact aisle and shelf the parts were on.
I felt in control.  When we feel in control in our business amazing things can happen.

I brought all the parts home and enlisted the help of my husband to put it all together.  I love my worktable.

How many projects do you have out on your desk and in your mind that are in the works?  It's time to eliminate.  Choose one.  Get what you need to see it to completion.

You will feel back in control.
I would love to know how you will take back control!  Please post at my blog, on Facebook, or e-mail me.
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If you are ready to think bigger, get more done each day to grow your business, and want to feel unstoppable then I would love to spend August 8-10 with you in beautiful Minneapolis!

I can't believe its only 2 months until my annual women's business retreat - SuccessPlus 2014.  

The weekend is all about you.  It's all about deepening your trust in yourself and trust in what you are doing to grow your business.

Elizabeth, if you are ready to:

•    Conduct beautiful sales conversations that honor your prospects
•    Discover the best way to handle the money side of your business so you always know where you stand and then make better decisions
•    Stay focused during your office time and get the most important tasks done...every day
•    Put together a beautiful profile of your right-fit client so you love every one you work with and they in turn tell others about you
•    Implement a marketing plan that works and you enjoy doing
•    Have the confidence to do what you've been afraid of doing
•    Leave the conference with a path and an action plan for daily focus, getting more clients, and making more money...
Then join us on August 8-10, 2014 in Minneapolis, MN!

Check out all the details here, register, get your plane ticket and let me give you 3 days of amazing learning, new friends, and a new found confidence in yourself  and what you need to know and do to grow your business.

If you wish you were at a better place in your business what are you going to DO in the next 60 days to change the situation?  If you don't have a plan then nothing will change. 

Allow me to give you a plan and a new perspective to really make something great happen not only in your business but in your life! 
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