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July  2014.
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Feeling stuck?
Dear Kim,

No matter how short or long you've been in business there are times when you can feel stuck.  It doesn't mean you aren't loving having your own business, it doesn't mean you don't love your clients, and it doesn't mean you aren't excited about upcoming projects.  But you feel like a hamster in a wheel going around and around and not moving forward.

Not a good feeling.  Not a place you want to be for very long.

As creative as it is to have your own business there still needs to be structure.  A plan each day to do the things that move your business forward.  A plan and a path to grow your business.

No one wants to stay stuck.

As a coach in the Small Business Success Coaching Network we have the answers to get unstuck.

We know the way you need to go.

No matter what is going on in your business we can trace everything back to at least one of our 9 best practices.

Not clear on your money goals?  You need to implement Best Practice #1:  Track your numbers properly

Uncertain what to spend on business development, admin expenses, and what to pay yourself?  Start using Best Practice #2:  Look at your numbers

Feel like you are letting yourself be available 24/7/365?  You need Best Practice #3:  Create the profile of your ideal week

Spending your time organizing your desk drawers instead of the tasks that get you clients? Run - don't walk to Best Practice #4:  Maintain your daily focus

Does your to-do list go on and on and rarely does anything get crossed off? You will love Best Practice #5:  Develop your will-do list

Is your pipeline stagnant and you are wearing your list out?  Put together a marketing plan with Best Practice #6:  Execute a mix of new contact strategies

Been building your database but now sure what to do with it? Time for Best Practice #7:  Leverage your database

Spending too much time on Social Media and have nothing to show for it?  It's time for Best Practice #8: Navigate your internet game plan

And the practice that ties them all together is Best Practice #9: Listen carefully; respond appropriately

Are these best practices in place in your business?

My passion is assisting women entrepreneurs to see their value to their prospects and clients and then putting practical steps in place to grow their business.  This means giving them the ins and outs for all the best practices and then watching them smile as they are no longer feel stuck - they are now moving forward.

Now is your time to grow your business with grace and confidence.
If, as you read this article, you know you do not have the structure in place to do more of what you are called to do - please don't wait. 

This is the perfect time for you to work with me at my exclusive SuccessPlus 2014 - 3 Days to a Bigger Business and a More Extraordinary You women's business retreat.

Join us in Minneapolis, MN August 8-10, 2014 for 3 days that is life and business changing.  We have room for 8 more amazing women entrepreneurs.   One of these spots is for you!

Spend this time with us and leave not only on fire for your business, not only with the tools/systems/technique/templates you need to grow your business; but this will be a new beginning for you.

Keep being extraordinary!
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Speaking of new beginnings!
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New beginning #1

On June 10 our 2nd grandchild was born.  Alexander John came into this world at 10 lbs 3 oz and he is beautiful!

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New beginning #2

On July 1 I turned 60.  A milestone birthday for me. I enter this decade with excitement and confidence in working with women entrepreneurs so they see themselves as God sees them and help them get their gifts out into the marketplace.

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New beginning #3

Because I turned 60 I wanted to do something special.  I decided to blog for 60 days on success principles for your life and work.  I call this Sweet60Success and I'd love for you to read these posts each day and watch the changes that happen in your business and life.  Sign up to get these posts in your inbox every day at my blog.

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