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Elizabeth Hagen's SavvyBIZ
August 2014.
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It's time to be true to who you are
Dear Elizabeth,

I'm an introvert.  There, I said it!

Curious if you are an introvert?  Read this great article by The Huffington Post "23 Signs You're Secretly an Introvert".

I'm an introvert who has learned to overcome this shyness when I speak to groups.  It wasn't easy.  It took time.  But I did it.
In fact, there are many ways I have learned to work with my personality trait to build my own business.

But, I'm an introvert who has not overcome her shyness about  going to networking events.

I realized early on in my career it is very important for the growth of my business to meet new people and let them know how I can help them find more clients and grow their business.

So, my way of attending a networking event is to either have a booth where people come up to me and/or be the guest speaker for the event.

Works like a charm!


Are you are struggling with any marketing strategies you would like to embrace for your business because of how you are wired?

Then it's time for a new perspective.

How can you rethink the marketing strategy to work for you? You don’t have to do things like everyone else.

This will be my 5th year of hosting my SuccessPlus Women's Business Retreat.  Yes, an introvert hosting a retreat.  I can do it because I don't do it like anyone else.

If you are ready for a truly unique, intimate retreat where you can turn your business around in a way true to who you are - then please join us at SuccessPlus 2014 - 3 Days to a Bigger Business and a More Extraordinary You women's business retreat.

Only One Week Away!
Meet us in Minneapolis, MN August 8-10, 2014 for 3 days that are life and business changing.  We have room for 3 more amazing women entrepreneurs.   One of these spots is for you!

Spend this time with us and leave not only on fire for your business, not only with the tools/systems/technique/templates you need to grow your business; but this will be a new beginning for you.

Keep being extraordinary!
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