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January  2014.
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Addi loves her Minnie!
Who do you love, I mean really love, to help?

Dear Kim,

Our granddaughter, Addilynn, is in love with Mickey Mouse. I am now getting reacquainted with all of the characters associated with Mickey.  It's been a learning experience. Ooooh Toodles!

Abby thought it was time to introduce Addi to the female version and got her a huge Minnie Mouse.  As you can see - Addi is in love.

Do you feel this way about your clients?  Maybe yes to some and maybe no to others?

What if every client you worked with you loved?  What if every client made you smile?  What if every client made you feel like you were the best at what you do?

This can happen.  But, this can only happen if you put together a list of what makes up what I call a profile of your right-fit client. Without this profile you will work with anyone and market to anyone.  That is a fast track to burnout.

 Are you ready to take action?


1.  Think about a past client you really loved and make a list of all of her/his attributes.  Things like location, occupation, income, attitudes, value, beliefs, and behaviors.  If you don't have an amazing past client dream a bit!
2.  Keep this list handy and read it every day for 7 days.
3.  Start pointing your marketing strategies with your right-fit client in mind.
You know what is going to happen as you keep your right-fit client in mind?  You will start seeing them everywhere!  And, when you talk with them they will know you are the right person to help them.  Please post at my blog, on Facebook, or e-mail me the profile of your right-fit client!
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Ever struggle with:
The financial side of your business?
Knowing what to do every day to move your business forward?
Turning prospects into clients?
Creating an unstoppable marketing plan?
Conquering your fears?

Then you need the "Growing Your Business with Confidence" program to give you proven systems and a practical approach to accelerate your success.

With this system you will receive easy-to-follow and easy-to-implement steps so that you can make better decisions with your money, attract your right-fit clients and know what to say, start getting the right stuff done every day, put into place a marketing plan that you love and works for you, connect with your database in a richer way, and work from an organized and efficient office. And more!

This program is a joint effort between myself and Mark LeBlanc. Between the two of us we give you the best information and tools that are proven to get your results. 

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