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Elizabeth Hagen's SavvyBIZ
April 2014.
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Do you ever feel like you are going to fall over?

Dear Kim,

At a recent Kosama workout we did Yoga.  I will be the first to tell you I am extremely unlimber but I gave it my best shot.

One of our moves was to balance on one foot, arms outstretched in front of us, and the other leg extended behind us.  Not easy!  I had to keep putting my outstretched leg down so I wouldn't fall over until the instructor told us to focus on something in front of us to keep our balance. I focused on the 'K' of the Kosama logo on my mat.

Once I started focusing on one thing I kept my balance.

As a business owner are you amazed about everything that is competing for your attention?

Do you find yourself at the end of the day exhausted by how busy you were but wonder 'what exactly did I get accomplished'?

Do you ever feel out of balance between work and home life?

The best strategy to grow your business is to STOP focusing on everything and START focusing on one activity at a time.  Not activities that just keep you busy- activities that move your business forward.

Want some examples?
  • Phone calls to prospects, past and current clients
  • Research networking groups in your area and go visit to see if it is a right fit for you
  • Check into groups whose members need you and call and find out when you can give a presentation
  • Send 3 note cards a day - yes, in the mail!
  • Put together a direct mail campaign - postcard, e-mail, postcard
  • Get back in the habit of sending your monthly newsletter to stay in touch with your database
  • Offer your database a teleclass on a topic that can help their life or business

I know we need to balance QuickBooks, file our papers, organize a desk drawer, design handouts, clean out our e-mail, and write a book or eBook.  These are great tasks to do AFTER you've done focused tasks that make a difference in your business. Balance your day by doing what is important first.

I would love to know how you are keeping your balance!  Please post at my blog, on Facebook, or e-mail me.
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Bring me to your chapter or organization!
Austin video
Promo video for the April 22, 2014 workshop sponsored by NAPO-Austin
I present my all-day workshop "Growing Your Business with Confidence" to chapters/organizations/groups whose members want to find more clients, start growing their business, and be more confident in who they are and what they do as a business owner. Is your group ready?
Not only will your members and those they invite change their business but this workshop is set up as a revenue-generating opportunity for your chapter.

Interested?  Contact me and let's find out how we can work together to grow your chapter!
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