September 4, 2012 

Note from Elizabeth
SuccessPlus 2011 guests



Here we are in September!  Is the year flying by for you?!  Does it seem a distant memory the goal setting session you had for your business back in January?

I feel like fall is a time to regroup, revisit your goals, and make your plans for the rest of the year. There is no better place for you to do this then at my 'SuccessPlus 2012: 3 Days to a More Extraordinary You' event that is being held IN A FEW WEEKS on September 21-23 in Minneapolis, MN.

Helping some of the SuccessPlus 2011 attendees put final touches on their marketing plan

If your business is not where you thought it would be please join me and other amazing women entrepreneurs for 3 extraordinary days that will change your business and change you.
Leading the last session at the SuccessPlus 2011 event

My event is a place for you to learn, share, and grow with a small  number of other amazing women entrepreneurs.  If you're looking to grow your business in an environment where you get a lot of personalized help from me and support from the other guests then SuccessPlus 2012 is for you!

My theme for my business this year is Everything Platinum. This means that I'll be stepping up in everything I do.  And nowhere is this more evident than at SuccessPlus 2012!

Let us help you finish 2012 strong and enter 2013 with a plan in place and the support you  need to maintain your success.  Find out what's in store for you here!

Love and confidence,

Success Story 

I conducted my first Energy Enhancement Session with a potential client. She purchased a Session! Equally important,     she gave me the feedback that the questions asked in the Energy Enhancement Session made her verbalize the vision she has, goals she wants to accomplish, and really showed the value of what I have to offer! She said she definitely wants to make the investment and it's worth it.


Thank you for coaching us on how to do our Rescue/Breakthrough Sessions. This info is invaluable and I couldn't have done it confidently without you!


Big hug and many thanks,


Natasha Rickert

Energy to Organize 

Spring Valley, CA


Note from Elizabeth:  I'll be teaching in detail at the SuccessPlus 2012 event how to use rescue sessions to gracefully show your prospects they need your services and why YOU are the one to hire! 


Micah on a 1st day of school many years ago!

Is it time to get rid of your old backpack?    




, when it's back-to-school time, I love preparing all the school supplies and backpacks. With five children, I've bought my fair share of back-to-school supplies.


But, have you ever had this happen to you? You've sent your child off to school on the first day of school, blinked a few times, and it's now the last day of school? I had it this happen in 2010. We sent our youngest son, Micah, off to his senior year of high school that fall. I blinked a few times and it was May 19. He was home on the last day of school.


He came in all happy, threw his backpack down on the floor, and went out to be with his friends.


The backpack sat there for a few days. And then a few more days. This didn't bother Micah, but it started to bother me and I thought, We really should go through this, see what's all in there and clean it out.


One day when Micah was home I asked him to bring the backpack to me and we could go through it together. The reason I asked him to bring it to me was that earlier that day I had tried to lift it up and about threw my back out!


We started going through it. We took out books, pens, more books, half-filled bottles of pop and juice, a complete set of clothing and shoes and a few more books. It felt like a bottomless black pit.


As we went through the backpack we threw out or recycled most of the items, and since the backpack was so ripped up and stained, we threw it out, too. It seemed to both Micah and me he was now ready to move on to the next phase in his life.


Are you hanging on to an old backpack?

I think that a lot of entrepreneurs hold on to the idea that they can work with anyone. This way of thinking is like Micah's backpack filled with everything under the sun.  Are you hanging on to that old, outdated backpack.  It is so tempting to think "I can work with anybody." Can you really? As good as you are as what you do I would doubt that 'anyone' is the right client for you. Is that thinking like an old, comfortable stained backpack?!


I know it can be scary to have your profile of your right-fit client because you may be thinking you are limiting yourself. Just the opposite is true. You are opening yourself up for prospects who not only who you really want to work with but they know you are perfect for them.


There are 4 A's to cleaning out the old backpack of thinking you can and need to work with anyone:

  •  The first A is to admit you're carrying a backpack of thinking that you can work with anyone in the world. If you're living in denial, your life's not going to change.  
  • The second A is to acknowledge what's in your backpack and acknowledge the havoc that backpack is wreaking on your business. Then acknowledge who are your right-fit clients.  
  • The third A is to allow yourself to take that backpack, tear it apart, and throw it away in a big dumpster. Also, allow yourself to have fun thinking about your new backpack and all the ways you can get in front of these amazing people  who need you!  
  • The fourth A is to accept that your backpack is gone. Accept the idea that it is ok to refer those not in your profile out to others. Accept the wonderful profile of your right-fit clients who you can't wait to work with you! Don't be diving back down in that dumpster digging up your old backpack and going back to trying to work with anyone. Trust me. Don't do it. Accept the joy of living life and running a business working with awesome clients.

Be bold. Put together this profile and stay firm with who you work with best. Your bank account and your clients will thank you.


Confused about how to put together the profile of your right-fit client? Join us at my SuccessPlus 2012 event and you will learn the 10 points of your profile and know exactly how to market to this wonderful group of prospects! 

The biggest difference between entrepreneurs who make it and those who don't is their confidence.
 Build your confidence by working only with clients who are a right fit for you AND you are a right fit for them. Become an expert in exactly what they need and your referrals will be amazing!

Now is your time,  .  

, thanks for taking the time to read the 'Growing Your Business with Confidence' tip and I'm excited to help you accelerate your success. Of course we want to grow our business and make more money, but let's not forget - the busier we are the more people we get to help. And the happier our clients are the more they will tell others!
Elizabeth Hagen

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Is it time to get rid of your old backpack?
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