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Issue: # 16
September 2009

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Welcome to the sixteenth issue of my monthly tip newsletter just for professional organizers.  Each month you'll be receiving a short, easy-to-implement, and very valuable tip to help you grow your professional organizing business. 
I'll also give you an assignment and where to find the tools you need for the task.
If this sounds valuable to you then I'm looking forward to helping you reach for the sky in your organizing business!
September "Build Your Organizing Business" Tip:
Plan your 'Get Organized for the Holidays' workshop now!
I know - the kids have just gone back to school but now is the time to plan ahead on how you can help your wonderful choice clients get organized for the holidays.

People get stressed out and overwhelmed just thinking about the holidays. They start going crazy when the time gets close!  They need your help - desperately.

The easiest way to help a large number of people is to host a workshop.  You need to start thinking about this now as the workshop should be held near the end of October/the beginning of November at the latest.

This is a very fun workshop to give - the information is most likely different than you usually talk about and your attendees are so excited knowing that help is finally here for them!

9 Steps to your workshop:
  1. Look for a place to hold your workshop.  What about your place of worship, library, coffee shop meeting room, board room in an office center, or an all purpose room of a preschool? Think outside the box here.  Make a list of ideas and stop in or call and ask if you may use their room.  They are usually very happy to let you as you are promoting their place of business to your client list.
  2. Pick a date and time.  Maybe you want to hold one at noon and one at 7 PM on the same day.  This way you cover people who work odd shifts. Doing this is not that much extra work as you can probably leave your items set up.
  3. Mind map your presentation.   Take a piece of white paper and draw a 3" circle in the middle and put the title of your presentation in the circle.  Now think of what are the 3 main points for your talk.  Perhaps you want to talk about Decorations, Scheduling, and Holiday Party Planning. Or maybe you want to talk about Giving during the Holidays, Keeping Things Simple, and Holiday Shopping.  It is totally up to you.  What excites you to talk about? Draw 3 lines out from the circle and label those your main points.  As you prepare your presentation draw 'baby' lines out from the main points for your other talking points on that subject.
  4. Start promoting your workshop. Design a simple flyer and bring them to local businesses that you frequent and ask if they will post your flyers.  Tell your newsletter subscribers about your workshop, tell your friends and family, etc.
  5. Work some more on your presentation and think about what you want to use for 'show and tells'.  Audiences love seeing what you are talking about!  
  6. Have a story and an audience activity for each main point.  Think about fun family or tradition stories that happened to you over the holidays.  Think about how you can get the audience involved.  Do you want them to fill out a blank calendar for the month of December and have them fill in all that they are planning on doing?  When they do this theymay see that all the activities they are planning are totally unrealistic!
  7. Keep promoting your workshop. Even though this is a free workshop you still want to keep track of registrations.  Do you want them to e-mail you, call you, register online, etc?
  8. Decide on your door prizes and what you want to promote at your workshop. Think about what fun, inexpensive items do you use around the holidays that you can give as door prizes.  2-3 door prizes is fine.  What service do you want to promote?  Do you want to offer a 'holiday organizing special'?  Or maybe a 'New Year - New You' special?  At your workshop is the perfect time for someone to decide that 'you are the one' to help them.  They see that you are the expert, they appreciate what you shared, and they are going to love you!
  9. Give your workshop.  You're going to have a blast and you will get some great new clients!
Elizabeth's Assignment:
  1. Make a decision to have a 'Get Organized for the Holidays' workshop. Do not second guess yourself - you can do this.
  2. Take action and find a place for your workshop and set a date.
  3. Stay focused by following the above steps in order.  You are going to be fabulous!
Elizabeth's Recommended Tools:
  • Microsoft Publisher to design your flyer and your 'today's special' promo piece
  • Eventbrite.com - easy, free online program to promote your workshop and handle registrations
  • Picture of acrylic holder so you can post your flyers in businesses
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Fearlessly yours,

Elizabeth Hagen