May 17, 2012 

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I love how green and lush everything is this time of year. Looking outside just puts me in a good mood!

Have you noticed that when you're in a good mood you are much more likely to actively market your business?  Much more likely to make a phone call?  Much more likely to think of a new offering for your clients and prospects?  It's all about your momentum.  Read today's feature article to discover what momentum has to do with your success.

My theme for my business this year is Everything Platinum. This means that I'll be stepping up in everything I do.  If you want this, too I'd love for you to join me.  Visit and we can set up a time to visit.

Have a great month!
Success Story

Working with Elizabeth as my coach is the best decision I have made since beginning my organizing business years ago.  She is incredibly generous, her strategies are simple, and when followed consistently, the results are huge.  In only a few months my monthly bookings have increased more than 50%. 


Kim Cossette

The Organized Approach 

Atlanta, GA 


How do you determine your success?   
Are you ready for a whole new way of looking at success?

, my business coach, Mark LeBlanc, has a favorite saying: Your success is not determined by your results, your success is determined by your momentum, your momentum is fueled by how you feel on a daily basis, and how you feel on a daily basis is determined by the consistent daily application of the best you have within you.

Please read it again!  Your success is not determined by your results. 

The high we feel from a success tied to a result fades pretty quickly. That is why we need a new paradigm shift and have our success be determined by our momentum.

Do no wait until you get a new client to feel successful, do not wait until you get your next speaking event to feel successful, and do not wait until someone takes you up on your latest promotion to feel successful.

Feel successful because every day you get up and do your best.

Which bring me to a question for you?  Are you doing your best every day?  Really?

How much time are you spending?
  • Hanging out in Facebook
  • Surfing the web aimlessly
  • Reorganizing our desk drawer
  • Thinking about making phone calls but none get made
  • Redoing your to-do list over and over
  • Taking another teleclass on your area of expertise when you know enough right now to help others - but you're waiting until you learn 'one more thing' 

What if you:

  • Made one business development phone call every day
  • Started and published a monthly newsletter
  • Consistently posted a tip every 3 times a week on Facebook
  • Developed a workshop to give in your community in the next 2 months 
  • Wrote an eBook in the next 30 days  
  • Wrote a blog post once a week 
  • Researched and visited a new networking group
  • Sent 100 postcards this month to prospects
  • Signed up for a trade show booth

These are examples of taking action consistently every day to grow your business.  Doing this will make you feel great, when you feel great you have momentum, and when you have momentum you are a success. Do not base your success on whether or not you have results with these actions - you are a success because you took action. 


The biggest difference between entrepreneurs who make it and those who don't is their confidence.  Build your confidence by taking consistent action every day to market your business and let people know that you can't wait to help them have a better life.  


Now is your time, .  2012 IS YOUR YEAR. 

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Success Story
How do you determine your success?
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