March 15, 2012 

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Success Story


Elizabeth was our opening keynote speaker at the2011 Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference for Professional Organizers.  She spoke on being 'Fearless and Extraordinary' and was the perfect choice to ignite the attendees and get the conference off to a great start.   


As a professional organizer herself, Elizabeth has the insight into what it is like to work with clients and to run a business. She challenged us all to appreciate who we are; enjoy life and start being more successful.


I encourage you to consider Elizabeth as a speaker at one of your next chapter events.     


Janet Shiesl 

NAPO-WDC President 


Free is not a four-letter word     


Do you think if you offer your services, a presentation, a consultation for free you are not honoring your expertise or your profession?    


Recently one of my colleagues was told at a networking event that she should never offer a free presentation. She came to me since she knows I am a HUGE proponent of the Showcase Marketing Strategy.

I built my business on this strategy.

The Showcase Marketing Strategy is when you offer a free 'taste' of what you do.  It could be a consultation, a strategy session, a teleclass, or a live presentation.  A 'taste' does not mean give everything you know - it's a sampling of your expertise.

Where entrepreneurs err with this strategy is thinking they should give of themselves for free for 'free sake'. That is incorrect.

Free works when you offer your expertise to a targeted group of your right fit client.  When you do that the flood gates can open.

Have you ever been offered a free Mrs. Field's cookie
and then bought more?

Think about this for a moment.  Where do your right-fit clients hang out? Wouldn't it be worth your time to offer to give a wonderful presentation on a topic of interest to a GROUP of your right-fit clients?  Imagine being known as THE EXPERT to this group. Who will they hire?  You.

Wouldn't it be worth your time to offer an office manager of a large business a taste of what you can do for her and her office?  If she loves what you do they can hire you for everyone in their office.

Wouldn't it be worth your time to offer a free teleclass that showcases your expertise to your networking group?  Won't this put them in a better position to get you referrals?

I love offering my complimentary Extraordinary Business Breakthrough Sessions to my right-fit clients. 

You do need to have boundaries around your Showcase Strategy. Make a decision today on how many pro-bono sessions/presentations, etc you will offer each month.  You'll be glad you did!

Remember, this is a marketing strategy.  A well thought-out marketing strategy. The key is that you offer something to a targeted group or someone in your profile of your right-fit client.  And, it's just a taste of what you do.

Contact First Name, trust me on this.  In 2006 I started giving a free presentation every six to eight weeks in Sioux Falls, SD for 3 1/2 years.  Not only did my organizing business skyrocket but because my presentations were a service to the community the media loved contacting me.  So  many good things came from me sharing what I know to the wonderful women in my community.  I can't even count how many great clients and paid presentations came from my being open to embracing the Showcase Strategy.
Speaking at one of my earliest free workshops
filled with potential clients
Now is your time, .2012 IS YOUR YEAR.

Elizabeth Recommends


There are times in each of our lives where something amazing happens.  


Sometimes they are surprises and sometimes these moments come from a plan and hard work.   This is one of these times for me.      


In June of 2011 I started writing my book Confidence: Now is Your Time and after a lot of work, joy, tears, and every other emotion my book is in my hands.  I can't believe it!  


In Confidence: Now is Your Time  I share thirty-one stories that offer dramatic lessons I've learned to help you start loving who you are and what you do right now.  Now is your time to discover the peace and beauty of taking responsibility for where you are and who you want to become.



You can read the first chapter as my gift to you.  Please go to and enjoy the first chapter and a special video message from me.


You can order here and if you would like your copy autographed please make a note on the shopping cart page who you'd like me to address the message to and I will happily personalize it.



, thanks for taking the time to read the 'Growing Your Business with Confidence' tip and I'm excited to help you accelerate your success. Of course we want to grow our business and make more money, but let's not forget - the busier we are the more people we get to help. And the happier our clients are the more they will tell others!


Love and confidence,

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Success Story
Free is not a four-letter word
Elizabeth Recommends - The Confidence Book
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