January 19, 2012 

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I have so many fantastic tips for 2012 to help you be a smarter and better business owner that I've decided to send this newsletter out twice a month.

I am so excited about this!  It's hard to decide what to talk about first as there are so many things you can do to grow your business.

What are you excited about in your business?  What is something new you can do to offer to your amazing clients? Now is the time!.

My theme for my business this year is Everything Platinum. This means that I'll be stepping up in everything I do.  If you want this, too I'd love for you to join me.  Go to TalkToElizbeth.com, answer 5 quick questions, and I'll help you go platinum!
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After my Private Platinum VIP Virtual Day with Elizabeth I feel energised, inspired, and motivated...and confident!


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Melbourne, Australia


Seriously...write them down     


As a solo business owner you have tons of tasks to do.  Most of them are probably floating around in your head causing you to feel dizzy! 


Stop right now.   


Start dumping your brain by writing out all of these tasks.  All of them. After you've written them out look at each one and ask "Will this task put me closer to the money?" If it does put a check mark by it.

Now pick 3 of those that you've checked and do them.  It is best if you do them first thing in the morning.

Trust me on this - write them down and pick 3. Just 3. You may think like I did for years that I'll remember them because they are so important and I don't need to write them down.  That is so false!  Especially as you age. 

I hear from solo entrepreneurs all the time how busy they are AND how unhappy they are with how their business is doing. It's because they are busy doing nothing.

3 a day! 


Now is your time, .2012 IS YOUR YEAR.

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Ready to learn more and get registered?!  All you need to know is here.  Can't make it?  If you registered you'll get a downloadable recording right after the class.  


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, thanks for taking the time to read the 'Growing Your Business with Confidence' tip and I'm excited to help you accelerate your success. Of course we want to grow our business and make more money, but let's not forget - the busier we are the more people we get to help. And the happier our clients are the more they will tell others!


Love and confidence,

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Elizabeth Recommends - Free Teleclass
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