May 2010
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Do you believe you are THE expert?

I had a great time at the NAPO 2010 conference giving my presentation "Going from Hourly Pricing to Package Pricing...Fearlessly!"  Ok, between you and me I get nervous speaking to my peers but I don't know why!  I had a great audience and they were so engaged during my presentation and we had a wonderful time together.  They were awesome!

I started out the presentation urging them to make new friends while they were at conference because there is no easier place to make new friends. We all have the common bond of loving to organize and loving to make others lives better.  When you have a common bond or share a common experience new friends come easily.

I had the attendees all stand up while they were meeting their new buddy and then before they sat down I asked them "Who in this room feels that they are an expert in their field? If you truly feel deep down in your gut that you are an expert please sit down."  About 40% of the room sat down. I then declared to the rest that I had the power and I had a very special magic wand that was made in the Badlands of South Dakota filled with 'expert magic dust'. I waved my magic wand over the ones who were standing and immediately they became experts!

, it really is that easy!  Until you declare to yourself that you are an expert organizer, an expert at mastering paper piles, an expert closet organizer, an expert kitchen organizer, etc. no one else will. 

  • When you believe that you are an expert then you can confidently charge the prices that an expert is paid.
  • When you believe you are an expert you will only hire the clients that you want to work with.
  • When you believe that you are an expert you will be more confident when you speak and you will be more willing to share your information.
  • When you believe you are the expert when asked what you do you will announce with a smile "I'm the expert!"
Elizabeth's Assignments:
  1. Make a decision that you are an expert starting today.
  2. Take action and look at what you are charging for your services.  Is this what an expert is paid? Is it time to start implementing packages into your offerings?
  3. Stay focused and take the time to decide who your choice clients are and then start hiring them.  Yes, you hire your clients they don't hire you!
Elizabeth's Resources:
  • Million Dollar Consulting: The Professional's Guide to Growing a Practice by Alan Weiss
  • Value-Based Fees:  How to Charge - and Get - What You're Worth by Alan Weiss
  • Growing Your Business! by Mark LeBlanc
Note:  Last fall I joined Mark LeBlanc's Small Business Success Coaching Network.  As a Small Business Success
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I want to know what you really think and I'd love to find out where you are in your business now and where you want to be.  Then we can decide if coaching with me is the answer or I can point you to another resource.

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, thanks for taking the time to read the 'Grow Your Business with Confidence' Tip and I'm excited to help you accelerate your success. Of course we want to grow our business and make more money but let's not forget - the busier we are the more people we get to help. And the more happy clients we have the more they will tell others!
Confidently yours,

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