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   March 5, 2013 ~~ Issue 64

Hi Friend,

I have just put together a new Facebook Business page called 'Elizabeth Hagen Coaching' and I would love for your to 'like' it!  On the page I have a gift for you of my eBook "9 Fears that Keep Your Business Stuck and the Strategies that Will Bust Them".  Just go to the page, like  it, and you will see the gift in the post on the page.

I shared in my January 2013 Extrordinary Results newsletter (please take a minute to read this!) what my theme is for 2013 and how I claimed my theme from the chorus in a Country and Western song (believe it or not!) I stumbled upon. My theme is Full Throttle Wide Open and every article this year will be helping both you and me live and work to our highest ability.

Love & Confidence,

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Why do they keep coming back?
My dad went to the same barber for over 35 years! Was he that good a barber?

I have the joy this past few weeks to be spending a lot of time with my dad. He is now in hospice and we don't know how much time we have left so I am treasuring every moment. This time also gives us time to visit.

Recently my dad was sharing stories about his barber and I asked my dad why he went to the same barber for over 35 years. He laughed and said "There were only a couple of barbers in town so there wasn't a lot of choice. But I picked him because we had things in common and I got used to him!"

Why do your clients keep coming back? Or maybe a better question to ask is "Why are they not coming back?"

Do you show the real you when you are working with your clients? Do you ask them questions about their life? Do you check in with them even if they haven't hired you lately?

I hope so!

How about?
** Finding out what their hobby is and sending an interesting article
** Surprising them with flowers
** Looking for some humorous, uplifting cards to have on hand and send one a day
** Having a client appreciation coffee for your local client
What can you do so your clients get used to working with you and it wouldn't even occur to them to find someone else?!

My Theme for 2013:
My theme is 'Full Throttle Wide Open' and every time I face a fear, or doubt myself, or am tempted to do less, etc. all I have to do is say 'Full Throttle Wide Open' and I jump past any fears and doubts. You can't live or do a business full throttle wide open and be hiding!

When you are the 'real you' with your clients you are 'full throttle wide open'.

Post at my blog what you are going to do differently with your clients.

Friend, thank you for taking the time to read the 'Growing Your Business with Confidence' tip and I'm excited to help you accelerate your success. Of course we want to grow our business and make more money, but let's not forget - the busier we are the more people we get to help. And the happier our clients are the more they will tell others!

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Ready to have Me by Your Side as Together We Make Something Great Happen in your Business?

Whatever you are facing and want and need to get resolved or if you want to be in a coaching relationship with me, now is your time.

This past month I:
** Helped a client outline her book
** Gave feedback and ideas for a 31-day organizing program
** Gave a script to a client to use when asking for speaking engagements
** Helped a client design what to say when asked "What do you do?" and she is thrilled and ready to network!

** And more - what I teach works!

Call (605) 357-8767 to find out about my coaching options. It's as simple as starting with one session!

There is always an option to fit the best of what you need and want.

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