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Elizabeth Hagen, CPO
If you're a determined professional organizer who wants support, is ready to take focused action, and wants to reach for the sky in your organizing business - welcome!!
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Issue: # 14
July 2009

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Welcome to the fourteenth issue of my monthly tip newsletter just for professional organizers.  Each month you'll be receiving a short, easy-to-implement, and very valuable tip to help you grow your professional organizing business. 
I'll also give you an assignment and where to find the tools you need for the task.
If this sounds valuable to you then I'm looking forward to helping you reach for the sky in your organizing business!
July "Build Your Organizing Business" Tip:
You can write your eBook this week!
Have you been wanting to write an eBook but been dragging your feet?!

Your prospective clients need to hear what you have to say.  You can do this by talking with them, giving presentations, writing articles, and by writing a knockout eBook!

  1. Find out what they want to know.  Contact past clients, current clients, friends, etc. and ask them what they would most like to know about your expertise. Don't skip this step - this is important. You can use www.surveymonkey.com if you'd like to survey them or Constant Contact has a survey feature.
  2. Make a list of topic ideas.  Can some of the ideas be put together under one topic? For example - what to do with kid's papers and how to pay bills on time could be categorized together under Paper Pile Control. After you have your list decide which one your are most passionate about. This will be the topic of your eBook.
  3. Choose your topic and start doing a 'brain dump' of all of your ideas around this topic. Don't edit while your write - just write.  Once you're done writing go back and edit.  See what main ideas come through and make those your subtitles. Your eBook does not have to be a novel!  3-4 pages is just fine.
  4. Stories are key.  For each main point in your eBook have a story.  It can be an example of what happened when you worked with a client, something that happened in your life, etc.  Just make sure that the story demonstrates the principle that you want to teach.  Stories are key because your stories WILL be remembered.
  5. Name your eBook.  A simple title formula is "How to ________ so you can _____________. Just fill it in and your title is good to go.
  6. Write an introduction and a closing.
  7. What do you want to promote? On the last page of the eBook will be a page with your promotion. Perhaps you want to promote a free phone consultation, a product, an organizing session, etc.  Read my Fearless Organizing eBook - 10 Fearless Lessons Every Woman Entrepreneur Must Know and see how mine is laid out. 
  8. Make it pretty! If you're not a graphic person hire someone to do this.  It's worth the money.
  9. Save it as a pdf file and make it a web link.  An easy way to do this is to use www.getdropbox.com . I'm really getting into this program!
Elizabeth's Assignment:
  1. Survey your clients/friends/family for a topic.
  2. Take action and write the eBook. Stop procrastinating about this. You can do this - I know you can!
  3. Stay focused and write a certain amount of time each day.
  4. Decide on your promotion.
  5. Get this out to the masses!  This is a great 'free' thing to offer when you speak to get your audience's contact info.
Elizabeth's Recommended Tools:
  • Survey tool - www.surveymonkey.com
  • Make files a pdf and post online - www.getdropbox.com  What is really cool is that I don't have to send files as an e-mail download (which don't always get through).  I can now give web links for my files that I want to share. Works for pictures, too!  Click here to download and give it a try - it doesn't cost anything.  Be sure and watch the tutorial!
  • Want someone to make it pretty?!  My graphic person is wonderful.  Leslee Beldotti - leslee@va-lab.com
Want to hang out with me this summer?!
Exciting news!

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, thanks for taking the time to read the 'Build Your Organizing Business' Tip and I'm excited to help you grow your business. Of course we want to grow our business and make more money but let's not forget - the busier we are the more people we get to help. And the more happy clients we have the more they will tell others!
Fearlessly yours,

Elizabeth Hagen