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January 10, 2013 ~~ Issue 62

Hi Friend,

Happy New Year and welcome to 2013! If you are like me you are asking "Where did 2012 go?" The more mature in years I get the faster the days and years seem to fly.

One thing I would suggest you do is take some time to think back on 2012.

Ask yourself:
**What were my accomplishments?
**What did I learn?
**What are my financial numbers for 2012?

**What can I improve on for 2013?

I'd like to tell you I always do this but this is the first time I've done this and it is very interesting! It's also a great way to let 2012 go and embrace 2013.

I mentioned in my December 2012 newsletter that I had chosen my theme for 2013 and would share it in this issue. I am very excited about my theme and it is "Full Throttle Wide Open". I shared in my January Extrordinary Results newsletter (please take a minute to read this!) how I stumbled upon a Country and Western song (believe it or not!) and claimed my theme from the chorus in this song.

What is your theme for 2013? Read below to find out why having a theme is important and how it can keep you on track in 2013.

Love & Confidence,

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What is your business theme for 2013?
If you want focus for your business in 2013 it's time to pick your theme!

As entrepreneurs there really is no one looking over our shoulder to give kudos or tell us when we aren't working up to par. It's just us.

I've found from having my own business for 12 years that being an entrepreneur is an inner game. We can be our own worst enemy as we work on growing our business every day.

Have you ever thought?
**I can't write an article on that topic - everyone knows that information.
**I'm sure if I call my past client to see how she's doing she'll think I'm being pushy and want more business - so I won't call.
**If I call this group to see if they need a speaker they're going to say no - maybe I'll call tomorrow.
**My tips would be great on the local TV morning show - but I've never been on TV and may look foolish so I'll think about this again in a few months.
**This networking group looks great and I'm sure I could get some business there -
but I heard they are cliquey so I may go when I know someone else who is going.

Do any of these resonate? You are not alone.

I want to give you a simple assignment that will give you the focus and courage you need when your inner game is keeping you from playing a bigger game in your business.

woman writing
Pick a theme for your business for 2013. What word/words/phrase rings true for you and will help you to push past any fears/doubts you have as you grow your business in 2013?

I've asked my coaching clients to do this and here are some of their themes:
**Believe in Your Journey
**New Beginnings
**Moving Forward
**Embrace the Unknown

Go back to each of those 'thoughts' I wrote earlier, read one and then look at any of these themes. If my clients have these thought all they have to do is ask "If I _______________(my theme) how will I think differently? If she truly 'believes in her journey' she'll go to that networking event, if she wants to make an 'impact' she'll call the TV station, if she wants to 'move forward' she'll write the article, etc. Do see how this works? It's amazing!

My Theme:
My theme is 'Full Throttle Wide Open' and every time I face a fear, or doubt myself, or am tempted to do less, etc. all I have to do is say 'Full Throttle Wide Open' and I jump past any fears and doubts. You can't live or do a business full throttle wide open and be hiding!

What is your theme? I can't wait to hear! Post your theme at my blog.

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