August 2010
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If this sounds valuable to you then I'm looking forward to helping you accelerate your success and grow your business!
A call a day!

Would you like a simple technique that can grow your business almost immediately?!

I am a coach in the Small Business Success Network led by Mark LeBlanc and one of the systems we teach is the Storm Starter Strategy.  Or, as we lovingly call it the SSS!

The SSS is pretty simple.  You make one business development call a day. Yes, one a day just like your vitamins. No, you don't do 5 in one day and then you're done for the week - it is one call a day.
And it is a phone call, not an e-mail!

With all of our wonderful technology we are losing personal touch with others. As you start calling you will hear surprise in the other person's voice and happiness as they realize that you took the time to call them.

You may be thinking "Who do I call?"  Here are some ideas:

  • Past clients
  • People who have expressed an interest in your services
  • Colleagues
  • Speaking prospects
  • Affiliate partners

Your next thought may be "What do I say?".  Think of this as a 'curiosity call'.
  • If you're calling a past client you are finding out if they are ready to work with you again.
  • If you're calling a prospect you are calling to see if you would be a right fit.
  • If you're calling a colleague you want to find out if you can be a referral source for them.
  • If you're calling a speaking prospect you just want to find out if your topic is right for their group.
  • If you're calling an affiliate partner you are curious to see how you can work together.
Are you thinking that this sounds like a great idea but the thought of calling people puts fear in your heart?! I totally understand.  I used to feel the same way and some days still do!  Are you serious about growing your business? No, I mean really? Then the SSS is a simple, no-cost strategy that works.  I'm not saying that every call is going to turn into business but amazing things happen when you consistently do the SSS.  You'll get very comfortable talking with people and you'll get very good at asking great questions. 

People do business with people they know, like, and trust. What better way of having someone get to know you than by picking up the phone!  Today!

Elizabeth's Assignments:
  1. Make a decision that you are going to make one business development call a day.
  2. Take action and make a list of 5 people to call in the next 5 days.
  3. Stay focused on a call a day and watch your business grow!

, thanks for taking the time to read the 'Grow Your Business with Confidence' Tip and I'm excited to help you accelerate your success. Of course we want to grow our business and make more money but let's not forget - the busier we are the more people we get to help. And the more happy clients we have the more they will tell others!
Love and confidence,

Speaker  Member of the National Speakers Association
Coach    Small Business Success Coaching Network
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             National Association of Professional Organizers

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Elizabeth Hagen, CPO

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