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September 2011 Newsletter
'Just start...please'

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, when you look around your home or office are there things unfinished?


I'm going to assume the answer is yes!  You are not alone.



Procrastination is a huge issue for many.  When you live with procrastination you live life with the brakes on.  Not a great way to live.

The things that are unfinished in your life weigh you down wherever you go. 

If you find yourself often thinking "I wish I had completed that project before leaving work." Or, "I wish I had planned what to have for supper today a lot earlier." Or, "I wish I had finished ________ before I started __________."  These thoughts stay with you day and night.

The good news is there is a solution.  And, it is amazingly simple.
  • Set time in your calendar for a 'things I'm putting off' brain dump
  • Print out my procrastination sheet   
  • On the day of your brain dump write on the left side of the form everything that is unfinished
  • Pick one, just one
  • Ask yourself "What is just one action I can take toward this project?"
  • Write it on the right side of the form
  • Keep doing this for all of your projects
  • Go back and pick a project and DO what you wrote down
  • Then ask "What is the next thing I can do?" for the project you picked 
  • Do it
  • Keep going on that project
  • It's done!  Move on to the next one. 
If you truly focus on one at a time you will be amazed at how quickly the projects get done and how amazing you feel

I'd love to hear what you are going to work on first!  Let me know at my blog . I can't wait to celebrate with you as you finish what you've been putting off!

Love and confidence,





Personal Note:

Recent highlights!

Top Row: Speaking for Christian Women's Club, some of the attendees at my Growing Your Business with Confidence workshop
2nd Row: A day at the beach, a night out with Emily
3rd Row: Emily and Sean's birthday - August 13, packing up Micah for college
4th Row:  Speaking for Ecolab, St. Paul, MN


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