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October 2010 Newsletter
Enjoy life...now!

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Have you ever noticed that when you smile you feel better? And, those around you feel better, too!

It's amazing how confident you will feel when you show enthusiasm and warmth to those around you. Let go of perfection and realize that you are who you are and others are who they are.  We can't change anyone else, only ourselves.

It also maybe time to let go of the past. Are you hanging on to anything that happened last week, last year, 10 years ago? How is that working for you?!

All of us have experienced events which could give us a negative outlook on life and probably have.  Start today to deal with anything that has happened, make any changes you need to make, and start looking positively forward to the wonderful life you have!

October Confidence Action Step:

Alan Weiss says "You can't just drop baggage on the train, because it's still traveling with you at the same rate of speed.  You have to throw it off the train and risk killing a few grazing cows."

What do you need to throw off the train?  When you do watch your confidence soar.

October Organization Tip:
Open any drawer, cupboard, or closet.  Ask yourself "What am I hanging on to and really have no good reason to keep?"  Start throwing, recycling, or giving away!  Do this until you've gotten rid of 20 items.

,what are you waiting for?

I want to hear how you feel when you let go of the past and enjoy life right now.  Let me know at my blog.

Love & Confidence,


Personal Note

I had a great time speaking for the NAPO-St. Louis chapter in September on Growing Your Business with Confidence.  They were a wonderful group of entrepreneurs and they now have the tools to have more focus, more prospects, more referrals, and m ore business.  If you belong to an association chapter give me a call to see how we can bring this presentation to your group. This workshop can be a great fundraiser for your chapter.
Presenting at the workshop
With the NAPO-St. Louis board


This past weekend our entire family met up in Minnepolis for a great weekend together and to attend a Vikings game.  With our daughter, Abby, living in Houston we don't get together as an entire family too often so this weekend was a real treat!
Ready to cheer the Vikings!

Do you live near Sioux Falls, SD and are you ready to grow your business?

Then put Monday, October 18, 2010 on your calendar!

Join me at my "Growing Your Business with Confidence" complimentary workshop held in Sioux Falls, SD from 6:30 pm to 8 pm.  If you want to take your home-based business to a new level - do not miss this workshop.

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Looking for a Speaker?
If you are part of an organization or association that is looking for a professional speaker, please contact me.  I'd love to explore the possibility of speaking for your group. Now booking for 2010/2011!

Looking for a keynote presentation that will help you people step up to the plate and make something great happen in their life and work?  My "Now is Your Time" keynote is perfect for you!  Call me at (605) 357-8767.I can't wait to hear from you.