Extraordinary Results Mid-August Newsletter
"That's the size of a small puppy!"

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It's all about perception

I have been seeing an ad on TV for the new reality fitness show, Thintervention, that will air this month.   The ad shows various people working out with a trainer and the goal is to lose weight and become more fit.

When one of the participants is told that she has lost 7 pounds she beams and shouts, "That's the size of a small puppy!"  I get a smile on my face every time I see her!

I don't know how much weight this gals wants to lose but I'm going to bet that it's a lot more than 7 pounds. Her reaction could have been one of dismay when she was told how many pounds she lost as she thinks of how much more there is to go. Instead she has a different perception.

She makes the 7 pounds tangible.  She equates it to the size of a small puppy.  So, instead of thinking of how much she has left to do she's excited about what has already happened. Now she can go on and lose another 'small puppy'!

Are you overwhelmed by a big project and therefore doing nothing?  How can you break it into small chunks, or 'puppies'?  Don't think of the project as a whole but think of it as many small puppies.  When you do this you'll be amazed at how quickly you'll get the project done and it won't seem like it was all that hard!

, what are you going to accomplish?  What will be your perception?

I want to hear from you!  Let me know at my blog.

Love & Confidence,


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