Procrastination is the bad habit of putting of until the day after tomorrow what should have been done the day before yesterday.
Napoleon Hill

Don't say you don't have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michaelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein.
H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

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September Mid-Month Newsletter
"What are you putting off today?"
Did you have a great Labor Day or did you 'labor' too much?!

We were thrilled as our daughter, Abby, was home
for a friend's wedding over the weekend.  It was great to see her, of course, but her birthday was Labor Day and so we go to actually see her on her birthday for the first time in 7 years.  Even thought she flew out really early that day I still got to give her a birthday hug!  We had a great birthday dinner for her, also, and she got to see both of her grandparents.

I had the honor at the end of August to present to 180+ direct sales
women (and a few men) in Newark, NJ. I just love these gals!  They are very excited for their business and how they can make life better for others. I talked with them about conquering procrastination and taking action 'now' which is what I want you to do, also!
Feature Article:
What are you putting off today?

Is there anything that you can think of that you wish you had gotten done already?  Is it bugging you?  I'm assuming the answer is 'yes'!

You may think when you leave your office you leave the unfinished tasks in the office but you are wrong.  Everything that is uncompleted comes home with you in your mind and can weigh heavy on your shoulders.  As you're playing catch with your daughter that 'little' voice in your head is saying "You shouldn't be out here. You should be back at the office finishing
_____."  When you're out on your date night with your spouse you may be thinking about the report sitting on your desk and not fully 'be' on your date.  This does not feel good and can cause real problems.

What's happening is procrastination and it is very common - you are not alone.

Procrastination is living life with the brakes on as you tell yourself "I don't have time for this," or "I don't know how to do this so I'll put it here for now."  You constantly stop yourself.  But whenever you put 'something here for now' you are simply postponing  and when you do that your 'little' voice will go into overtime reminding you of what you haven't gotten done.  It's interesting that it rarely reminds you of all the great things you've done!

There are a lot of great books about procrastination but I've discovered as a 'recovering procrastinator' a simple cure if you do it!

The next time you pick up a piece of paper that is a reminder of an action you need to do and you are SO tempted to put it back on your desk for later - STOP - put it back up to your face where you can see it and
ask yourself "What is the next one thing I can do?"  Just one thing.  Figure that out and do it.  Yes, right away! When that is done ask yourself "What is the next one thing I can do?"  Do that and keep going.  Sound simple?  Yes, but it works. You will be amazed at how quickly the task gets done (much faster than you think) and how wonderful you will feel about yourself.  No more little voice!

er tip that helps me is to set a timer for 30 minutes.  You can do anything for 30 minutes! If you focus on just one task there's a great chance that when the timer goes off the task is done or very close to being done. 

Action Step:
Pick one thing right now that you've been putting off. Figure out what is one thing that you can do toward this task and do it.  Then keep going by doing the next and then the next.  Let me know how great you feel!

, I'd l
ove to hear from you and the easiest way to do this is to comment on my blog.  Just go to my blog at www.elizabethhagenspeaks.com and click on the top right button that says "Subscribe in a Reader". Choose which way you'd like to receive my blog and we can stay in contact very easily.
I can't wait to hear how you feel when you get procrastination our of your life!  Remember - just one thing.

Have a fabulous rest of September!
Fearlessly yours,

Elizabeth Hagen
You have to get this book written by my friend, Val Sgro!

A dear friend and colleague of mine, Valentina Sgro, has written a fabulous book called Patience and the Porsche!  This is the first novel about a professional organizer that's written by a professional organizer.

Patience Oaktree books are light-hearted "edutainment." Readers learn organizing skills effortlessly while being entertained. The books make great gifts because they don't announce to the recipient, "You're a mess!" The books are available at www.amazon.com or you can purchase an autographed copy here.

Patience and the Porsche
from the files of Patience Oaktree, P.O.
Patience "Pat" Oaktree is the self-proclaimed most successful professional organizer in the State. Never mind that she's borderline chronically disorganized herself and can't seem to start, much less complete, some of her own projects. She uses her silent mantra of "Patience, Patience" to remind herself not to get frustrated.

Pat's newest client is Susan Huffman, whose self-righteous sister Hellen has challenged her to get, and stay, organized. Success will bring $100,000! And Susan has promised Pat a $25,000 share if she helps.

Susan and Pat both learn and have fun as they work their way through Susan's houseful of stuff, including the family china, a Wall of Food, and many home-party and late-night-TV buys.

But will their efforts meet Hellen's standards? And just who is that drop-dead handsome man who visits next door with the shiny, black Porsche?

About Val:  Award-winning author Valentina Sgro is a member of the Golden Circle of the National Association of Professional Organizers and a Chronic Disorganization Specialist. She is the owner of SGRO Consulting, Solutions for Getting Really Organized.

Prior to her professional organizing career, Val was a practicing attorney and then a stay-at-home mom. She lives with her husband in Shaker Heights, Ohio. They are in denial that they are old enough to have a son in graduate school.