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Mid-November Newsletter
Organize = Confidence

, I just got back from spending three wonderful days helping two amazing women organize their Real Estate offices in Northern Minnesota.  Transformation is the word of the day!

I love, absolutely love watching what happens to my clients as they go from a state of overwhelm and feeling out of control in their office to feeling like a new person.  Before they would walk into their office looking and feeling dejected and now they walk in with confidence. And, they now want to be in their office!

Organize = Confidence

I've seen this for almost 11 years with my clients and for over 25 years with myself. 

Are you tired of feeling bad in your home and office?  Are you ready to feel confident and in control?  Then start today.  Stop the excuses of:
  • No time
  • Too busy
  • My spouse is the issue
  • I have too much stuff
  • I don't know how
  • I don't know where to start
  • My clutter is not that big a deal (yes, it is!)
  • Etc, Etc!
I have numerous complimentary resources available to you at my website. There are three sections of articles posted on the Resource page on my website along with the past three years of my newsletter.  Everything you need to know to get started is there!

, what are you waiting for?  Start feeling confident in every aspect of your life.

I want to hear from you!  Let me know what your first organizing project is at my blog.

Love & Confidence,


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