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If you are really thankful, what do you do? You share.
~W. Clement Stone

Thanksgiving dinners take eighteen hours to prepare. They are consumed in twelve minutes. Half-times take twelve minutes. This is not coincidence.
~Erma Bombeck

Some people are always grumbling
because roses have thorns;
I am thankful
that thorns have roses.
~Alphonse Karr
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November Mid-Month Newsletter
"You Don't Have to Wait Until
January 1, 2010"

I had three great events in Minneapolis, MN recently.  First, I spoke to Northwestern College in St. Paul, MN and then I gave the keynote address to the MN-NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) Fall Conference.  I love being around my organizers!

The last event was Mark LeBlanc's Achiever Circle #100.  Mark is my business coach and he gave a weekend business retreat that was nothing less than amazing.  My husband came along and we had a wonderful time, learned a lot, and are now implementing great ideas to grow both our businesses. 

Three of my favorite wo
men in the world were also attending (Sherry Coauette, Jackie Pflug, Terri Langhans) Mark's conference.  We met years ago at another of Mark's events and even though we only see each other a few times a year it's like no time has past when we get together.

Last week I had the pleasure to speak to another MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group. I love my MOPS moms!  I've spoken to almost 20 of these groups and would love to speak for more.  If you know of a MOPS group in your area please let me know!

As you can see I have a lot to be thankful for and some of them are - an amazing speaking career doing what I love to do, a supportive husband, a great coach, and fabulous friends.

I know it's easy to be thinking about being thankful around Thanksgiving time. But, let's carry this feeling throughout the year.  Read today's article to make being thankful an every day event for you.
Feature Article:
You Don't Have to Wait Until January 1, 2010

Is your plan to coast the rest of the year and then really kick it into gear on January 1, 2010?  Don't write off 2009 yet!  We have a good six weeks left and there's so much you can do to finish off 2009 in a great way.

First of all you don't have to just
have ONE New Year's celebration every year.  You can have a New Year's Celebration every 30 days!  As a coach in the Small Business Success Coaching Network I teach clients to look at life in 30-day increments.  On the first day of each month is your chance to celebrate the last 30 days and the last 12 months. This is a lot of fun AND this means you don't have to wait until January 1 to get in the groove of starting fresh.  You can start fresh on the 1st of every month.

second way to finish off 2009 in a great way is to take the time to be thankful every day.  Yes, I know Thanksgiving is right around the corner so, of course, we're being grateful but this doesn't have to be a once-a-year thing. 

How can you implement being thankful into your every day thinking?

  • Start a gratitude journal
  • Start a word doc on your computer and write in what you are thankful for every day
  • Put a whiteboard on the wall in your office and jot down what you are thankful for and every few days erase some and add more
  • Have a thankful-accountability buddy that you call every day and tell them 3 things you are thankful for
  • The next time you feel like complaining think of one thing that you are thankful for and share that instead (your friends and family will thank me!)
Start by stopping what you are doing right now and ask yourself "What is one thing that happened today that I'm grateful for?" - give thanks, and go on with your day.

Don't forget - December 1 is the start of a New

, I'd l
ove to hear from you and the easiest way to do this is to comment on my blog.  Just go to my blog at and click on the top right button that says "Subscribe in a Reader". Choose which way you'd like to receive my blog and we can stay in contact very easily.
Tell me who and what you are thankful for!

Have a fabulous rest of November!
Fearlessly yours,

Elizabeth Hagen