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Organizing isn't just self-control or determination.  It's a skill anyone can learn but you need to believe in yourself first.

Elizabeth Hagen
Organize with Confidence Teleclass
 March 26
 7 - 8:15 PM ET

This is your chance to attend my signature presentation "Organize with Confidence" in the comfort of your own home or office.  You can experience the joy of working and living in an environment that enables you to succeed and be extraordinary!

Find out how to register at the end of this newsletter or at my blog.
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"What's Really Stopping You from Getting Organized?"

How are you doing?!  Is your year going great so far?  Perhaps your answer is "No, not really" and you're not alone.  These are interesting times to say the least.  I think the key is to stop stressing and ask yourself "What can I do about it? What changes can I make to make my life better?"  Give your mind a few minutes to think and you'll come up with the perfect answers.

I've found that when I'm being thankful and full of gratitude it is impossible to whine!  Everyday I give thanks for all that is good and then my mind is open to wonderful new possibilities.

It's all about our mindset and that is what my article is about in this newsletter - enjoy!
What is really stopping you from getting organized?
Happy womanWhen I ask my audiences what is stopping them from getting organized I hear these reasons:
  • No time
  • Kids
  • Spouse
  • Don't know how
  • Too much work
  • I'm overwhelmed
These are all very valid excuses but they are excuses.  When you see real value in something you will make the time and find the resources to do it.

But, here is what I believe the real reason is - it's all about how you feel about yourself.  Yes, that's it!

If you feel you are of value and have good self-esteem then you will believe that you deserve the best in life. And, the best in life includes living and working in an environment that helps you to succeed.

If you don't think all that much of yourself then you don't believe you deserve the best.  You tell yourself that you've always had clutter issues and always will - that's just the way it is.  Well, I'm here to tell you that you are an awesome person and you are of great worth.  You deserve the absolute best that life has to offer. And, you deserve to live and work where you feel productive, peaceful, and confident.

When you feel good about yourself then any organizing systems you set in place will work and will stay in place because you deserve it.  But, you have to believe in yourself first.

I give my signature presentation "Organize with Confidence" all over the country and I really emphasize that getting organized starts with you.  I'm thrilled to announce that I'm bringing this presentation to you in your home or office on Thursday, March 26.  I've never presented this workshop as a teleclass before and I hope that you will join me so I can help you understand how important it is to start with your inner thoughts and then we can move on to the outside clutter.  You will walk away from this teleclass ready to conquer anything!
"Organize with Confidence: Simplify Your Life and Make Every Moment Count" Teleclass
Thursday, March 26 - 7 to 8:15 PM ET
Confident Woman

Stop disorder from stopping you! It's time to make your life easier.

Do you?
  • Find yourself being overwhelmed by all the clutter?
  • Find yourself putting things here ʽjust for nowʼ because you don't know what else to do?
  • Wish you had a plan each day so you could feel like you got something important done by the end of the day?
Face it; disorganization can be a disaster - both personally and professionally. Clutter complicates our lives and costs time, money, and self-esteem.

With the ʽOrganize with Confidenceʼ teleclass you will:
  • Discover the easy method to get organized
  • Prioritize your day in less than 60 seconds
  • Learn the 5 simple decisions to tame the paper piles once and for all
  • Overcome the fears of perfectionism, procrastination, and multi-tasking and start doing things you've never dreamed possible!
  • Discover confidence in order!
You will leave this teleclass with a fresh perspective supported by a specific, personalized action plan to get organized and see your self-worth increase, one step at a time.

This is your chance to hear my signature presentation and become more focused, more productive, and more confident...every day!

With your registration you will receive a comprehensive handout and a downloadable recording of the teleclass.  You can listen to it over and over whenever you need an 'organizational boost!'

Register Here Today
Fee:  Only $29
I hope to 'see' you on Thursday, March 26 and help you conquer your chaos once and for all!
Fearlessly yours,


Elizabeth Hagen
Professional Organizer/Speaker