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Mid-June Newsletter

It's amazing what one can get done when ...

I have been talking about writing my next book for years. A lot of years!  I knew that I wanted it to be an inspirational book for women that would let the reader know that now is their time to have their best life.  


No matter what the circumstances. 


Getting this written was another thing. There just never seemed to be the time. There wasn't any time because I didn't make the time. 


Did you ever stop to think that if something is important enough to you the time to do it magically appears?  In my "Organize with Confidence" workshop we talk about what stops the audience from getting organized.  The main reason that is given is that there isn't enough time. I then point out to them that they found the time to come to the workshop!   


We always find time for what is important.


That's what I did for my new book. I realized that this is a very important book for me to write and I went to my calendar and blocked off 3 days.  I then contacted my business coach to see if he was available for a brainstorming session before I started writing and he was. 


On the 1st day of my writing retreat I drove to Minneapolis, met with my coach, and then went to the condo I rented for the retreat and started writing.  No interruptions. No excuses.

Would you believe my book is now in the hands of the editor! I can't believe it myself. I am so excited!


What have you been putting off?  What needs to get done but you 'never have the time'?  Go to your calendar and put this project in as an appointment and then keep the appointment.  Do whatever you need to keep this time dedicated for just that one project.


You will find it amazing just like I did when you see how much you can get done in 'dedicated' time.  


, what are you waiting for? 

I want to hear from you!  Let me know at my blog what you're going to do during your 'retreat'! 


Love & Confidence,


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