Extraordinary Results Mid-August Newsletter
"It may be only a block away!"

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Only a block away

In July I made a commitment to blog every day and I only missed one day!  You can read my posts at my blog and if you'd like to receive my posts in your e-mail in box just click on the pink envelope in the upper right-hand corner on that page and fill in your information.

I decided for this newsletter to reprint my post from day 26. I think this is very important and may change your life as this realization has changed mine!

Day 26 of my 30-Day Commitment:

I'm at the Tropicana in Atlantic City, NJ for a two-day meeting.  I was told that the hotel is on the ocean but the view from my window makes it look like the ocean is a lot further.

At lunch time today one of my friends in the meeting said that she desperately needed some fresh air and was going to make a quick walk to the beach.  I told her that I thought that it was quite a distance but she just laughed and said "follow me". Being from South Dakota I'll get any chance to see an ocean so I followed her.

Amazingly the beach was a quick 1 1/2 blocks away and it was gorgeous! It was a beautiful sunny day and the ocean was beautiful. I just stood there taking it all in and it was hard to go back to the meeting room!

I couldn't believe this beautiful sight was just minutes away from my hotel.  I started thinking about how many times I thought something was out of reach but when I 'went for it' it was a lot closer than I thought?

, what can you go after today that you think is unattainable? I bet it's a lot closer than you think!

I want to hear from you!  Let me know at my blog.

Love & Confidence,


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