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"For some questions there are no answers"

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In July of 2009 I attended the NSA (National Speakers Association) conference in Phoenix, AZ. One day our luncheon speaker was Nando Parrado. 36 years ago he survived a plane crash in the Andes Mountains along with 18 others. They were not found for over 2 months and survived horrendous conditions on the mountain.  It was an incredible story and Nando had us spellbound.

I cannot get his story out of my mind.  35 years ago I survived a life-and-death experience which changed my life forever.  Surviving that kind of experience puts a whole new perspective on life.  As Nando says (and I agree with him) is that he now has 'issues in his life, not problems'.

Nando also shared that on the plane were his mother and sister and they did not survive.  I cannot imagine how awful that was for him.  Nando was sitting in the 9th row of the plane and his family further behind him.  When the plane hit the mountain the plane broke in two just behind the 9th row.  He couldn't stop thinking why his family was seated in the back of the plane and he was sitting in the section of the plane where there were survivors.  He finally came to the conclusion that "there are no answers for some questions."

He is so right. I believe that we need to live, really live with this one life that has been given us.  There are no answers for some questions and we can sit around and try and figure things out or we can live.

I have gained confidence in myself, a quiet tranquility that has given me a better perception of the world around me. Making decisions became easier because I knew that the worst thing that could happen would be that I would be wrong. Compared to what I had gone through, that was nothing. Nando Parrado

, this really is your time.  What are you putting off doing or not finishing because you may be wrong? Hold on to confidence, take action, and if you are wrong, so what?!

I want to hear what you do!  Let me know at my blog.

Love & Confidence,


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