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May 2011 Newsletter
"Startfidence - it's time"

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My favorite movie and one I've loved forever is "Gone with the Wind".  You may remember Scarlett O'Hara played by Vivien Leigh as the star in the movie.  Scarlett was a very interesting person to say the least. During the movie you see her in all sorts of moods.  It didn't matter that she had a wonderful life - her mood could change in a second.  But, during the movie her circumstances changed and life was tough.  At that point she was depressed and needed to woo Rhett Butler back but didn't know what to do. She then decided if anything was going to happen she would need to take action herself. So, she made a dress out of drapes to impress him! Talk about initiative! 


At that point she said, "As God is my witness, as God is my witness they're not going to lick me. I'm going to live through this and when it's all over, I'll never be hungry again. No, nor any of my folk. If I have to lie, steal, cheat or kill. As God is my witness, I'll never be hungry again."  I could see her confidence return as she said these words.


I've done a lot of work in my life around confidence and now have the joy of helping others.  I think one of the best feelings in the world is feeling confident!


What gives a person confidence?  I know that confidence does not come from sitting around and wondering what to do. I believe it comes from taking action.



I call it 'Startfidence'.  Start taking action and watch your confidence soar!


But, what action do you take?  How do you know what to do?  Stop worrying about that. Scarlett didn't know at the moment she decided to take action exactly what she was going to do.  She just took action.    I've found that if you just ask yourself "What's the next one thing I can do?" about any situation your brain comes up with the answer.    


The worst thing for self esteem is to procrastinate. Think of the last time you put something off at work.  Did you worry about it when you were home with your family?  When you went to work the next day do you wish it wasn't still hanging over your head? How did you feel about yourself?  Not that good, I'm sure.  


, startfidence is your new word!   


This year my theme is "It's Who You Are".  I got this from the song sung by AJ Michalka in the movie "Secretariat".   


Here is a verse from the song:

It's not how fast, it's not how far, it's not of cheers, it's who you are.

In darkest night you make your sun, you choose your race, and then you run.

It's never the glory, it's never the score, it's not about seeing about who's less and who's more cuz when you find out how fast and how far, you'll know it's not how much you have. It's who you are.


It's time for you to take action and 'run your race' - right now. 


May Confidence Action Step:

Write down one thing you are procrastinating on. Write it down and then ask yourself "What is the next one thing I can do?" Do it and watch how great you feel!    


May Organization Tip: 

Set aside one hour and pick either the drawer where you keep all of those recipes you are going to try 'someday' or a pile of papers in your office.  Go through them. Be ruthless and only keep what you need and then find a home for them.


,what will you do right now?  Let me know at my blog.


Love & Confidence,


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April highlights!

Top Row:  At my booth at the NAPO Expo in San Diego, at the Board of Directors table during the Membership Meeting at the NAPO San Diego convention
2nd Row:  Speaking for Administrative Professionals Day in Sioux Falls, SD, speaking at MOTS in Okoboji, IA
3rd Row: Speaking for MCCA in Minneapolis, MN
4th Row: Abby meeting her niece, Addi, for the 1st time, Addi on Easter
5th Row:  4 generations!  Great grandparents, grandparents, parents, and precious Addilynn



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