It pays to plan ahead.  It wasn't raining when Noah built the ark.
It's not enough to be busy.  The question is: What are we busy about?
Henry David Thoreau

Take a few minutes to plan ahead the night before and save HUGE time the next day.
Elizabeth Hagen
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Extraordinary Results
May 2009 Newsletter
"It's Time for Incredible Impact on Your Schedule!"
May is here - thank goodness!  We've already had a 91 degree day in South Dakota and it was glorious!

April was a great month for me as I spoke in a variety of places and met the best people.  For pictures and to see where I spoke visit my blog.  You'll also see some really cute pictures of Micah and his prom date!

I want to share with you a huge honor that was given my husband, Bruce.  At the South Dakota Chiropractor's Association conference this month Bruce was honored with SD Chiropractor of the Year - we are very proud of him!


Have a fabulous May!  This is a great time to clean out your closet, store the winter clothing, and clean out the garage.
Fearlessly yours,

Elizabeth Hagen
Professional Organizer/Speaker
Feature Article
It's Time for Incredible Impact on Your Schedule!

My theme in 2009 for my business is Incredible Impact. My goal is to reach as many women as possible with the message that 'right now' is their time.

I've recently developed an inspirational keynote called It's Your Time: 7 Action Steps to be Fearless, Successful, and Extraordinary! and I can't wait to present it all over the country and make an impact in thousands of lives. I also want to make an impact with you in my newsletters. So, each newsletter this year will focus on ways in which we can impact ourselves and others.

Do you ever have a day where you work hard all day but at the end of the day you wonder 'just exactly what did I get done today?'  You are not alone!

There's a lot of talk about time management but I think time management is a bunch of baloney.  You can't manage time.  There's 24 hours in every day and that is never going to change.

But, you can manage yourself and how you spend your time.  The key is to figure out what are the important tasks that  must get done and do them first.  Sounds simple but it's true.  When you don't know what is important you'll do the piddly, unimportant things just to stay busy and that's why a day can go by without you really getting anything done.

The key is to plan ahead the night before.
  1. Before you leave your office look at each piece of paper on your desk and ask yourself "What is the next action and when do I need to get it done?" Then put it in the correct date in your Command Center.  (For more info on how to set up a Command Center click here.)
  2. Take the papers and reminders out of tomorrow's folder from the Command Center and spread them on your desk so you can see each one. Ask yourself "What is the most important use of my time tomorrow?" and turn that paper upside down on your desk.  Now ask "What is the 2nd most important use of my time?" and turn that upside down on top of the first paper.  Keep going until all the papers/reminders are on that pile.  Now, turn the pile over and your most important task is on top.
  3. When you come to your office the next day work on the most important task until it's done.  Don't check your e-mail, phone messages, etc.  You're going to feel so great once that task is done. 
  4. Then do the next item, etc.  Even if your day goes crazy after 10 am you'll know you got done what was the most important.
  5. Look at your calendar the night before.  Get anything ready you need for a client, for a consultation, for a business trip, etc.
  6. Take a few minutes at the end of each day to tidy things up so you can start fresh in the morning.
Following these steps the night before means that your day is going to be productive, more efficient, and you'll be a happier person!

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