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March 2013

What makes you happy?


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welcome to March! Be sure and remember to turn your clocks ahead one hour before you go to bed on Saturday, March 9.  Even though I don't like losing an hour I am always very glad when I do because it means spring is right around the corner.  I get to say good bye to winter very soon.
Spring and warmer weather makes me happy. Spending time with my granddaughter makes me happy. Going to a movie makes me happy. Coaching my business clients makes me happy. Reading a great novel makes me happy. I really could go on and on!

What makes you happy?

For my dad it was time spent fishing. I never understood this but I could always feel dad's excitement whether he was leaving for a day of fishing or for a week.

My dad has lived 89 wonderful years but we just moved him to hospice care and we may only have weeks left with him. I'm treasuring every moment. My Uncle Marv emailed me some pictures of dad recently and I was awestruck when I saw this picture of my dad and the sunset. This was a truly perfect day for him.

As I look back over the years I realized dad made time for what made him happy.

Do you?

I think we can get so caught up with our busy life we don't think about if most of the things we do make us happy. Do you think if you do the things that make you happy you have to leave others out of the picture?
What is your big fish?
Fishing was not my thing at all but I remember my dad taking me along ice fishing and I would ice skate as he fished. I remember suntanning and reading a book on the dock or in the boat as he fished right by me.

He would catch his big fish and I'd be happy with what were in my mind 'my big fish'.
Action Steps:
* How can you start incorporating what makes you happy in your life?
* How can you include others even if what you're doing is not their thing?

Let me know at my blog what you're going to do in the next couple of days that makes you happy!

Love and confidence,


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