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March 2011 Newsletter
"We're lost but we're making
good time"

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Do you remember the movie "City Slickers?" Very funny comedy about 4 guys who took a vacation at a dude ranch and participated in a cattle drive.  Are you amazed that this movie came out in 1991?!  It feels like 5 years ago!


The funniest part of the movie for me was when two of the characters, Ed and Phil, had finally figured out how to drive the cattle and were very excited about their success.  


Ed yells out, "We're doing great guys. We're driving them!"


Phil responds, "Ah, that's perfect.  We're lost but we're making good time!" 

I found that very funny!  And, how true in our lives. Do you ever feel lost but making good time?   



  • You look back on your life, wonder where the time went, and realize you aren't where you had hoped to be
  • You're busy all day but have no idea what you got done by the end of the day
  • You're trying everything but nothing seems to be helping to move your business forward  

Not the greatest feelings.  Feelings like these can do a real number on our self confidence.


This year my theme is "It's Who You Are".  I got this from the song sung by AJ Michalka in the movie "Secretariat".   


Here is a verse from the song:

It's not how fast, it's not how far, it's not of cheers, it's who you are.

In darkest night you make your sun, you choose your race, and then you run.

It's never the glory, it's never the score, it's not about seeing about who's less and who's more cuz when you find out how fast and how far, you'll know it's not how much you have. It's who you are.


Your life is not about 'making good time'. Your life is not about feeling lost. It's not about how fast you are going.  It's about the time you are making.   


What do you need to STOP doing?  What can you put on your 'not to-do list'?

March Confidence Action Step:

This may sound a bit odd but make a 'not to-do list'.  Right now.  Start writing down what you can stop doing so your life can be about the time you are making.     


March Organization Tip:
Stop worrying about your piles and clutter. Stop beating yourself up about it.  Take a day off from making everything your fault.  Now, put something fun for you to do for yourself in the calendar.  Enjoy! 

,what are you waiting for?  Let me know at my blog what you're going to stop doing.


Love & Confidence,


Now is your time for an experience in being you.

, join me for a truly one-of-a-kind event from the comfort of your own phone.  Saturday, March 12, 2011 is a day for an experience in being you.

Find out everything about this special day and invite all of your girlfriends.  Your life will not be the same.


Personal Note 
February was a month of celebrations for us!
Micah's 19th birthday
Mom & Dad's 65th wedding anniversary
Our 32nd wedding anniversary
Mom's birthday 

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