When you do nothing, you feel overwhelmed and powerless. But when you get involved, you feel the sense of hope and accomplish-

ment that comes from knowing you are working to make things better.

~Author Unknown

You may never know what results come of your action, but if you do nothing there will be no result.

~Mahatma Gandhi

The cure to feeling overwhelmed?  Do something!
~Elizabeth Hagen
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March 2010 Newsletter
"Confidently Yours:  Part Three"
It's almost Spring!  Are you as happy as I am?

I had a great trip last month to Seattle, WA.  I have not been there since the World's Fair a life time ago!  What a beautiful area and I did get to see a glimpse of Mt. Rainier - gorgeous!

I gave my "Growing Your Business with Confidence" all-day workshop to 25 very special entrepreneurs.  We had a great time and I know that they are going to accelerate their success and grow their business and I can't wait to see it!

My goal this year with my newsletter this year is to give you the confidence you may need to accomplish what you desire in the next 12 months.  I have a 12-module system for confidence and every month I'll be giving you one of the modules, an action step to take for gaining confidence, and an organizing tip to do each month.

Your confidence is only an action step away!
Feature Article:
Confidently Yours

I wrote my book "Organize with Confidence" almost 4 years ago based on what I've learned over the past 25+ years on living an organized life and living confidently.  Because, let me tell you, I was not born either organized or confident!

In my book I explain my blueprint to confidence which consists of 12 modules - which is perfect since I can now give you one module a month in 2010!

The 12 modules are:
  • Continue to learn (read the January 2010 newsletter article here)
  • Only you can change anything (read the February 2010 newsletter article here)
  • Notice your surroundings
  • Face the fear and do it anyway
  • Imagine the best
  • Dare to have big goals
  • Establish systems
  • Never give up
  • Compare yourself only to yourself
  • Enjoy life!
Confidence Module #3:  Notice Your Surroundings

We can get so used to our clutter that we think we don't notice it, but subconsciously it has a great impact.  We don't think it's costing us or bothering us, but it is inside, emotionally. It's tearing down our self-confidence.

If this is happening to you then it's time to do something about it!  But I've found from speaking to audiences all over the country and my private consulting clients that when they look at their clutter they feel overwhelmed so they do nothing.

I developed 7 simple steps to chunk down what may seem like an impossible task of getting organized

7 Steps to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed
Step 1: Get Ready
Take out your calendar and pick the date you are going to go through your entire home or office. This will take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Have a clean sheet for each room and write the name of the room down on top of each page.

Step 2: Identify the Areas to Organize
Begin at the front door of each room and imagin
e a big clock imposed on the floor. Choose where you want 12:00 and start there. Now, look around the room clockwise writing down any area that you're tolerating or that bothers you. Before you leave each room put a * by the area that bothers you the most in each room. Go through each room in the home or office.

Step 3: Prioritize
Take a clean sheet of paper and title it "Priority Form" (or use the forms in "Organize with Confidence"). Now, transfer each priority from all the room sheets onto this paper. Look at each area and decide which one you want to tackle first. You may want to pick an easy area to have a quick success story or you may want to pick a large task to get the worst out of the way right away.

Step 4: Choose a Date
Set a date to organize this area and put it in your calendar.

Step 5: Get Ready to Take Action
Look at the task that you've chosen to do first and decide what supplies that you'll need. If needed, break this task down into smaller tasks and number in what order you'll do them. Write down a reward that you're going to give yourself when you're done. Make it a GREAT reward!

Step 6: Do It!
The day is here and you're ready to get started. Put on some fun music, some comfortable clothes and start organizing the area. Use my STARTâ„¢ method to get organized:

Appoint a Home
Restrict to a Container
Take Back Control

Take everything out of the area that you want to organize and STARTâ„¢.
  • Sort though and decide what belongs there and what doesn't. Put the items that don't belong there in a box and bring that away later. You need to stay focused on the area that you are working on.
  • As you're sorting you'll also be throwing away items and/or putting in a box for donation or a garage sale.
  • After you've sorted through everything whatever is left belongs in that area. You've just appointed a home for those items.
  • Now, restrict them to a container if possible. Use baskets in a closet, drawer divider bins in a drawer, etc. to get 'like' items together into a container.
  • Step back and look at what you've done! You've just taken control back of that area of your life and it feels great!
Step 7: Reward, Relax, and Repeat
Well done! Acknowledge yourself and enjoy w
hat you've just accomplished and cross this task off your Priority Form. Be sure and enjoy your reward and when ready - tackle the next task!

It's amazing what happens when you start to get organized in your life. You're going to feel better about yourself, have increased self confidence, and get so much more done each day. You'll love getting organized-I guarantee it!

Want detailed step-by-step help and get all the forms you need? Visit www.OrganizewithConfidence.com.

What can you do in March?

  • Trust me on these 7 steps - they work.
  • Do the steps in order
  • Watch your feeling of being overwhelmed vanish!
March Confidence Action Step:
Just take one small area and get it organized.  Pay attention to how good you feel when you get it done!

March Organization Tip:
Not sure where to start?  Organize your junk drawer -there's a reason it's called a junk drawer!  There's a lot of stuff in there you don't need or want.

, I want to hear what you are going to do in March and the easiest way to do this is to comment on my blog.  I just made it a lot easier to receive my blog posts.  Go to my blog at www.elizabethhageninspires.com and click on the top right button that says "Get my blog posts delivered via e-mail" and they will come right to your in box!
Taking action changes everything - start today!

~Have a fabulous March~
Confidently yours,