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Think about any attachments that are depleting your emotional reserves.  Consider letting them go.
Oprah Winfrey
Want a quick stress-release fix?  Get rid of 20 items of clutter and watch how quickly you feel better!
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March 2009 Newsletter
"It's Time for Incredible Impact on Your Clutter!"

Today, February 24, is Bruce and my 30th wedding anniversary!  I can't believe it - where did all this time go?  My husband and I just look at each other and laugh.  How did 30 years go by so quickly? 

I was thinking today about how we made it and I have to admit that a lot of the credit goes to my husband!  Here are my top 10 reasons:
  1. Our faith in God.
  2. We made a commitment when we got married that this was forever and we stuck to it.
  3. We respect each other.
  4. Bruce thinks before he talks!  This is a biggie and I should learn from him.
  5. Bruce listens, really listens to me - before he goes into fix-it mode.
  6. We are best friends.
  7. We laugh.
  8. We like to do the same things but we also enjoy our 'alone' time - especially me!
  9. We trust each other.
  10. Our faith, marriage, and our five children are our top priorities.
  11. I just had to have 11!  We are truly grateful for each other.
Another great event in February was Micah's 17th birthday on Valentine's Day.  We are so blessed to have him as a son.

Bruce and myself   Micah's 17th Birthday
   30 years and counting!           On Micah's 17th birthday
I had a great month in February speaking to a variety of groups.  Twice I spoke to "Go Red for Women" events and it was a lot of fun looking out over the audience and seeing all the red.  Some ladies really got into it and every possible article of clothing was red!  I was glad I had a red sweater to wear for these events!

Wear Red for Heart
Have a fabulous March!  I know I can't wait as we've had a long cold winter.  It is time for some sun!
Fearlessly yours,

Elizabeth Hagen
Professional Organizer/Speaker
Feature Article
It's Time for Incredible Impact on Your Clutter!
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My theme in 2009 for my business is Incredible Impact. My goal is to reach as many women as possible with the message that 'right now' is their time.

I've recently developed an inspirational keynote called It's Your Time: 7 Action Steps to be Fearless, Successful, and Extraordinary! and I can't wait to present it all over the country and make an impact in thousands of lives. I also want to make an impact with you in my newsletters. So, each newsletter this year will focus on ways in which we can impact ourselves and others.

Have you thought of how your clutter is impacting you? If not, you should!  Clutter impacts:
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