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June 2012 Newsletter
You are your choices

At the gym I overheard a personal trainer talking with his client.  I could tell he was not happy with her progress that morning and he asked her what she had for breakfast.  I couldn't hear what she answered but his next comment said it all "You are your choices".

I had not expected to get an aha moment at the gym!  But, I did.

I was watching the sports channel on TV one day, and they showed a highlight from the Texas Rangers baseball game from the previous night.  The game was in its fourteenth inning when Nelson Cruz, a Texas Ranger, hit a home run.  Fourteen innings - what a long game - almost two-thirds as long as a normal game. Anyway, the reporter asked Nelson what his motivation was for hitting the home run.  Nelson said, "It was starting to rain, and I was getting hungry!"  I laughed out loud when I heard that!  It got me thinking. Sounds like Nelson had just about enough of this long game and decided to do something about it.  And what he decided was to finish the game by hitting the ball out of the ball park! (Excerpt from Confidence: Now is Your Time)

, what are you hungry for?
  • More business
  • Better clients
  • Eating healthier
  • In better shape
  • Be a better friend/boss/spouse
  • Spend your time more wisely
  • An organized environment
  • More education
  • More fun 
  • No debt

Do the choices you make every day back up what you are hungry for?  Is it time to pull a 'Nelson' and be clear about what you want and hit it out of the ball park? 

,  make a list of what you are hungry for. Right now.  Then go to your calendar and start making appointments to achieve what you want.  Please don't wait. Now is your time to have your own home runs. 


Let me know at ElizabethHagenInspires what you wrote on your list and the actions you are going to take.  


Love and confidence, 



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Now is your time!  



Personal Note:
May highlights!

Top Row: Mother's Day - spent time with my parents and family.

2nd Row: Spoke for the International Quality Home Care Corporation in Rochester, MN

3rd Row: Attended the NSA-MN Gala and got to hang out with my great friend, Jackie.  Every Friday afternoon we get out granddaughter, Addilynn. This is one of my favorite pictures of her with Bruce.

4th Row:  Spoke for the Minnesota Society of Association Executives in St. Paul, MN


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