When you have cleared all of your clutter, you can be of better service to those around you.
Michael B. Kittson

The better organized you are in the simple things, the more spontaneous and free you can be with the important things.
Brian Tracy

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Extraordinary Results
June 2009 Newsletter

"It's Time for Incredible Impact on Your Business"
Call me crazy but one of my favorite tasks when it gets nice here in South Dakota is to clean out my garage!  I just love getting out all the gunk and grime from the winter and getting rid of items we don't need or use anymore.  It's my way of saying that winter is finally over.

I thought I'd show you the process I use so if your garage is driving you nuts you can use this same process.  Showing you my garage is going to prove to you that professional organizers are NOT perfect!  We collect stuff, too, and it can get out of hand.  But when you take the time to clear out, sort threw, and reorganize it feels fantastic!!

Yes, this is what the 3rd stall in my garage looked like. Part of the issue is that we have stuff from my oldest son who lives in an apartment and when he buys his home this year these items will leave - but we have them now!  The other part is that I have a VERY creative 17-year old son who loves to tinker and make things so we have a hodge podge of items collected in the garage. 

If you don't have thousands to spend on a 'garage makeover' go to a store like Sam's Club and purchase Gorilla Shelving.  We use it in our garage and in our storage room.  It can hold very heavy items and holds a lot.  This shelving unit got a bit cluttered during the winter.

The way I organize any area is to take EVERYTHING out which is what I did with the garage.  I put the items out on my yard in groups - items that I needed to ask another family member about, Micah's stuff, trash, etc.

Then I went back in the garage and looked through all the baskets on the shelving and rearranged and tossed out stuff.  Micah was a great help! I can just hear my daughters who live in Houston and Denver saying "I'm glad I don't live at home anymore!!"

I took my favorite tool, my power washer, and washed out the garage.  It felt so good to see all the winter dirt washed out. Once it was clean Micah and I put the items back that we wanted to keep and, voila, a clean, organized garage once again!

Read today's article to find out what cleaning out a garage has to do with your business!

Have a fabulous June!  Let me know what you decide to organize!
Fearlessly yours,

Elizabeth Hagen
Professional Organizer/Speaker
Feature Article
It's Time for Incredible Impact on Your Business

My theme in 2009 for my business is Incredible Impact. My goal is to reach as many women as possible with the message that 'right now' is their time.

I've recently developed an inspirational keynote called It's Your Time: 7 Action Steps to be Fearless, Successful, and Extraordinary! and I can't wait to present it all over the country and make an impact in thousands of lives. I also want to make an impact with you in my newsletters. So, each newsletter this year will focus on ways in which we can impact ourselves and others.

25% of people with two-car garages don't park any cars in their garage, and 32% of people with two-car garages only have room for one! (U.S. Department of Energy) I'm not surprised - a garage is a great place to store stuff (and usually too much stuff)!

As I was organizing and cleaning out my garage I started thinking about how the condition of our garage pertains to business:
  • When you have too much stuff in your garage you can't park you car in the garage. When you have too much stuff in your office it's hard to let in new clients as there is too much 'old' stuff blocking you.
  • A garage gets messy when you 'put something here for now'.  Same with an office and then you waste time looking for what is important.
  • When there is too much stuff in the garage you don't know what you have so you buy new (and you find out later that you had that item!).  Think about your office - ever gone out and purchased a stapler and found yours later?
  • Every time you open your garage door you are upset with yourself over the condition of the garage but nothing changes because 'there is no time'.  Ever feel stressed out just walking in to your office?  But nothing changes because you refuse to put aside the time to get organized? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results.  If you want to find what you need quickly, get more done, and feel good about being in your office you have to set aside the time to get it back under control.
  • A garage can become a 'catch-all' place.  This often happens in a home office, too.  Kid's toys end up here, extra supplies are stuffed in the corner, unpacked boxes are on the floor, etc.  Decide that your home office is exactly that - a home office.  Take out everything in your office that doesn't belong there.  You'll be amazed at how much room you have now!
Don't wait until the stars align with the moon to get organized.  Now is the time to start!  The quickest path to an organized home, office, and life is the "Organize with Confidence" book and forms/templates CD.  I tell you exactly how to cut through the feeling of being overwhelmed, the easy method to organize any area in your life, and you get the forms/templates to get it done. You can get this one-of-a-kind book at www.organizewithconfidence.com . It's time to make your life easier!

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