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July 2012 Newsletter

It's time to leave the dock

My husband and I spent July 1 on the beach at West Okoboji Lake in Iowa.  It was great to relax and watch the families having fun on their vacations.

As I was looking out over the water I noticed a dad and his son.  The little boy was around 3 years old.  His dad was urging him to jump and he would catch him.  At first the little boy was a bit tentative but then he decided to trust his dad. What was funny, though, was that he didn't jump. He just stood on the edge of the dock, leaned over and fell. The dad would catch him before he hit the water, swirl his legs in the water and then put him back on the dock.  They did this over and over and over!

I  marveled at the trust of this little boy.  It had to be scary to fall off the dock but he knew that his dad would not let him down.

I started thinking how important it is to have people we trust in our life.  We are especially aware of this when we have something happen that makes us feel like our life is out of control and that person catches us. We are so grateful for them and we trust them. 

Unfortunately, we are also aware of how important is to have people we trust in our life after someone lets us down.  They don't catch us but let us fall.  When that happens it may be hard to trust again.

Perhaps that has happened with you. 

Or maybe you've felt this when you've left your comfort zone and what you tried didn't work out like you planned. You then tell yourself "I am NEVER doing that again."

The truth is that we don't know if someone can be trusted or if what we try will work until we 'lean off the dock'.  If we always stay firmly planted on the dock we will never know.

Is it time to?
  • Reach out to someone you don't know very well and take them out for coffee and get to know them better (they may say 'no' but you don't know until you try)
  • Hire the personal trainer (you might not get the results you want as fast as you want but maybe you will!)
  • Confront that person who keeps hurting your feelings (maybe they will never talk to you again or maybe this will make them realize what they're doing and they'll stop)
  • Make the cold call (they may hang up or maybe hire you - you won't know until you make the call)
  • Take that class that you've always wanted to take (maybe you'll do better than you think)   

, living in your comfort zone is actually very discomforting. Maybe it's time to leave it!  


Let me know at ElizabethHagenInspires how you leaned off your dock! 


Love and confidence, 



Feel like this?



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It can happen for you!


Complete Tickler File System

Imagine having a home for all the papers that you keep to remind you to take some action in the future such as invitations, school forms to sign, soccer schedule to put into the calendar, etc.

Imagine what it would be like to put the paper away and on the right date it would show up to remind you! This system has arrived! The system also comes with file labels and instructions.





The Complete Tickler File System includes:

  • Accordion Tickler File (tabs for 1-31 and January through December)
  • Pre-printed labels for your customized Action Files
  • Reminder Form and Checklist Form
  • Audio CD Get Rid of Your Paper Piles...Once and for All! will teach how to handle all the paper piles in your life and set up your own Command Center
  • Laminated 5f Plan™ Flyer

The Complete Tickler File System is an $79 value, purchase the complete set for only $57. PURCHASE HERE 



Now is your time to end those paper piles!  



Personal Note:
June highlights!

Top Row: BBQ at Chris and Ashley's house with the whole family home.

2nd Row: Dad celebrating his 89th birthday with the girls.

3rd Row: I visited Abby for a few days in Houston.  Emily and I took Addilynn on her first of many shopping trips.

4th Row:  I spent 3 days in Minneapolis working on my next book Growing Your Business with Confidence. Wendy took me out for an early birthday celebration.



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