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January 2011 Newsletter
"It's Who You Are"

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Happy, happy New Year!!

Every year I like to pick a theme for the year.  Each year it takes some soul searching and then the perfect them pops into my head!  This year my theme is "It's Who You Are".  I got this from the song sung by AJ Michalka in the movie "Secretariat". 

Here is a verse from the song:

It's not how fast, it's not how far, it's not of cheers, it's who you are.

In darkest night you make your sun, you choose your race, and then you run.

It's never the glory, it's never the score, it's not about seeing about who's less and who's more cuz when you find out how fast and how far, you'll know it's not how much you have. It's who you are.

By the way, if you haven't seen the movie go see it right away!

I have this song on my Ipod and listen to it every day when I work out.  Recently the verse above really hit me, particularly these words "...you choose your race and then you run..."

I started thinking on those words.  Yes, I've chosen my race and it is to encourage, nurture, and support an environment of excellence for all those with whom I come into contact.  A big piece of this is helping women with self-esteem and confidence.

Ok, I know this is my race but am I really running it? 

If I was really running this race I would have no problem letting meeting planners know about my speaking topics and letting women entrepreneurs know about my coaching program.  I know that the help I give through my speaking and coaching is what I am meant to do, I know I have valuable information and tools, so what is stopping me?  Of course, it's me!


I have decided to really run my race this year because it's all about who I am.  Nothing else.

What is your race?  Are you running it? If not, what is holding you back?  It is all about who you are and you are amazing.  Come run with me! Now is your time.


January Confidence Action Step:

Take some time to think about what your race is and write it down in BIG letters where you can see it every day.  Then think about what is stopping you from running it and realize that most likely the fears and doubts are all in your head.  Get rid of them!

Organization Tip:
Is clutter stopping you from running your race?  Stop waiting for the perfect time to get organized.  There is NO perfect time.  Do you need help?  I have a wonderful program where I come to you in person and help you or work with you virtually - together we can accomplish miracles! Also, I know amazing professional organizers all over the country and parts of the world - just let me know if you'd like a referral.

Each month this year I'm going to be basing my newsletter article on how we can all be more of who we are...on a daily basis.

,what are you waiting for?  Let me know at my blog what your race will be this year!

 Love & Confidence,


Personal Note

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! What a great time of year.

The girls hosted a baby shower for Ashley before Christmas.  The theme was a carnival and it was so cute!  We all can't wait for our baby girl to come around March 8, 2011.

We were blessed to have everyone home and we spent the entire Christmas Day together.  Chris and Ashley gave us a Wii game system and that is a LOT of fun.  We played the bowling game and I'm just as bad bowling on a Wii as I am in real life! I received a great camera from Emily, Abby, Sean, and Micah and am looking forward to taking better pictures.

I had a great time in early December working with some clients in Denver, CO.  I had a view of the mountains from my hotel room and just looking at them made me relax! On the day I was supposed to fly home we had a blizzard here in South Dakota so I had to spend an extra day in Denver.  It turned out to be quite fun as I went to the Cherry Creek Mall and just walked around and then went to an afternoon movie. Why does it seem so 'wrong' to go to a movie in the afternoon? Like I'm supposed to be doing something else just because it's during the day? I think I may go to more movies during the day - it was a treat!

I want to wish you a glorious, confident New Year and thank you so much for being a part of my life!

If you are a woman entrepreneur SAVE THE DATE of Friday, January 7,  2011

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