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February 2011 Newsletter
"All I wanted was a white house and a walk-in closet"

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I am a big fan of the author, John Grisham, and years ago I read his book "The Client".  Many of his books are made into movies and so was this one.  The book and movie is about 2 brothers who saw a Mafia attorney commit suicide.  The younger brother is so traumatized that he goes into a coma and the older brother is now in trouble with the Mafia and the district attorney who is trying to use him to take down the mob family. Great book and a great movie!


I've seen the movie many times and recently saw it again and noticed a scene that hadn't affected me before.  The mother of the 2 boys is very young and you can tell she's had a hard life.  At one point her son's attorney and the mother are walking down the hospital corridor.  The mother has one son in  a coma, one son in trouble, and she is down on everything.  To cheer her up the attorney said to her, "You are so young. You must have been a baby when you had your babies."

The young mother said "Oh, I was just a dumb kid. All I ever wanted was a white house with a walk-in closet. Ain't that stupid?"

The attorney replied "Oh, no, having a dream is never stupid. Just take one day at a time, that's what I always say."


When I go to a movie I do something that drives my family nuts. I make the movie real and hence, I make the characters real. So, I started thinking about this young mom and how totally dejected, depressed, and sad she was feeling.  This just didn't happen overnight.  I bet as a young woman she was never told "Honey, you can do anything you want in your life", or "Sweetie, set big goals, you are amazing."


I bet she was told from an early age that she would never amount to anything. This young mom's self-esteem was nothing which means everything.

This year my theme is "It's Who You Are".  I got this from the song sung by AJ Michalka in the movie "Secretariat".  

Here is a verse from the song:

It's not how fast, it's not how far, it's not of cheers, it's who you are.

In darkest night you make your sun, you choose your race, and then you run.


It's never the glory, it's never the score, it's not about seeing about who's less and who's more cuz when you find out how fast and how far, you'll know it's not how much you have. It's who you are.


In case no one has ever told you this or you've forgotten I want to tell you that 'who you are' is amazing. You are amazing.  Do not believe any false rules or beliefs that you were told growing up.  It's great if your goal is to have a white house and a walk-in closet but I want to tell you that you deserve your own version of a white house and a walk-in closet. Whatever that means to you.  Now is your time!


It's time to leave those old rules behind.  If you're wondering how to do that join me on my free teleclass "There's a Confidence App for That!" on Thursday, February 10 from 7 pm EST to 7:33 pm EST.  Get all the details here.

February Confidence Action Step:

If you are believing anything negative about yourself it is not true. You have my permission to delete those old feelings and give yourself new ones.  Think you're not good enough - wrong, yes you are good enough.  Think that you have to do everything perfectly or it's not good enough - no, what you do is just fine.  Think that you have to take one more training before you clients hire you - no, you are ready right now to help others. 

February Organization Tip:
Does your home or office reflect how amazing you are? No?  Then now is the time to take back control of your environment. Just tackle one drawer or shelf at a time and watch how great you feel as you start organizing your stuff and your life.  Need more help in your office? Check out info about my Organize with Confidence Virtual Day below.

Each month this year I'm going to be basing my newsletter article on how we can all be more of who we are...on a daily basis.

,what are you waiting for?  Let me know at my blog what old rules and beliefs you're going to banish!

 Love & Confidence,



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Personal Note

Ok, January is over...already!  Are you ready for another year to fly by?

It is amazingly cold here in South Dakota so I was very happy to have the opportunity to be in both Atlanta and Los Angeles in January.  Although when I got to Atlanta they had just had a big snow storm.  Figures! 

In Atlanta I spoke for the DECOpalooza event for stagers and interior designers and it was a lo
vely group. This is a very creative group and I enjoyed my time with them.

At the end of January I had business meeti
ngs in LA and then was able to attend the LA Organizing Awards.  This was a wonderful night where members of the National Association of Professional Organizers were honored for what they do.  This year I was a co-presenter with my friend, Jodie Watson.

We are anxiously awaiting the birth of our first grandbaby and I hope to have pictures soon.

Stay warm and have a great February!

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