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December 2012

There's A Confidence App For That:

Anti-Super Syndrome

if you have any kind of smart phone you know there are a plethora of apps available for you to download and use. Probably millions!

Some of them are for fun, some are useful, and some we can totally waste our time on!

In the last two Extraordinary Results newsletters I talked to you how cool it would be if when you get hit with self doubts and low self esteem you could touch an app on your phone and feel great.
It doesn't work that way, of course, because your confidence apps are going to be inside you. But once you know what your confidence apps are you can easily access them when you need them. Designate a place on your body where your confidence app resides - perhaps a pulse point. The next time you start to feel low just touch you APP Place - recall your confidence app and you'll find yourself instantly feeling confident and sure of yourself.

Really, confidence is like a roller coaster - up and down - up and down - Confidence Apps will help you stay up more than you're down! In October the app I asked you to install was the
Forgiveness App and in November I gave you the Gratitude App.

This month I want to give you an app to stay sane during this wonderful Christmas season! I call this the "Anti-Super Syndrome" app!

Why is it when December comes we feel we need to turn into Super Mom/Wife/Daughter/Coworker/Friend, etc? Why can't we just be who we normally are which is amazing? But not Super ______________ (you get to fill in your title!).

Of course we want things we do for the holidays to be special but not to the point that you are overstressed and exhausted. I have a wonderful idea for you. Make a list of all the things you think YOU MUST DO during December. Now, go through the list and ask yourself "Is this something I like to do? Is it vitally important to do? Would anyone even notice if I didn't do it?" See if you can cross some items off.

Now look at what is left and if it is a family tradition I want you to go to your family and ask them what they think of this tradition. Their answers may surprise you. If their response is they think it's not important, they don't want to do it, etc. go ahead and cross it off.

Ask your family what fun things would they like to do? Again, their answers may surprise you and I am going to guess the things they want to do are much less stressful and time consuming that what you are doing now.

Really, Christmas is a time to enjoy each other. Why not start some new, easy traditions like a bowling night, movie and popcorn night at home, taking a driving tour of the holiday lights in your community, etc.

Start using the Anti-Super Syndrome App and have fun this holiday season!

ACTION STEP: While this is on your mind make your list of everything you think you need to do between now and Christmas. Follow my plan above to take off what is not important and replace with what you really want to do!

Let me know at ElizabethHagenInspires.com what you crossed off and what you kept or put on your list.

Love and confidence,


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Merry Christmas from my family to yours!
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