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December 2010 Newsletter
If it's going to be,it's up to me
Dr. Robert Schuller

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In 1985 we had 4 children (super heroes!) under the age of 5. Chris - 5, Emily - 3, Abby - 2, Sean - baby.


Oh, my goodness!


It was an awesome time and it was a crazy time.  One day I realized that it was very chaotic and I didn't like living stressed out.  I was tempted to start blaming anyone and everyone but realized that got me nowhere.  I stopped and asked myself "What is something I can do to create a more peaceful home environment?"  The ideas started to flood my mind!

What about:

  • Creating a menu and grocery list for the week and getting everything I need at one time AND I'd always know what was for dinner
  • Having regular laundry days instead of laundry all over the place all the time
  • Actually using a day planner and knowing what day it was for car pool for pre-school and not being embarrassed when the other mothers called and I had forgotten
  • Planning for the next day the night before and getting the kid's backpacks ready, restocking the diaper bag, picking up the toy room, etc.
  • Taking the plethora of papers off the fridge where I couldn't find anything and put them in a 3-ring binder labeled the Family Notebook.  Every family member had a tab plus one for church, school, etc.

I started implementing these systems and a miracle happened!  The home became more peaceful, the family was happier, and I liked myself a lot better! All from taking back control instead of blaming others.

Dr. Robert Schuller wrote a book in 1998 titled "If It's Going to Be, It's Up to Me".  That is exactly what I figured all those years ago in 1985 but he says it much more eloquently.  Is it time for you to claim the phrase "If it's going to be it's up to me"?!


December Confidence Action Step:

The next time you start to blame someone or something STOP - take a breath and ask yourself "What is one thing I can do?"  Do it and watch the blaming stop as you take back control of your life.

December Organization Tip:
Do you live with disorganization because you are blaming someone for not teaching you how to be better organized?  That's the past!  There are hundreds of books available on how to get and stay organized.  Find one you like and start.  Of course, I'm partial to my book "Organize with Confidence"! Actually, start with your kitchen junk drawer. It's called a junk drawer for a reason - it's mostly junk!  Let me know at my blog where you start.

,what are you waiting for?

 Love & Confidence,


Personal Note

I had a wonderful time presenting my SuccessPlus event in Minneapolis on November 5-7.  My attendees were 12 awesome women entrepreneurs. They came with an incredible attitude and a willingness to learn.  The weekend turned out better than I c ould have ever imagined. 

I not only taught business principles that will help them stand out in their field and accelerate their success but I combined this with personal life principles. It was a powerful combination!

It was a scary thing to plan my own conference but I'm so glad that I faced the fears and did it anyway.

Are you thinking about trying something but your fears are stopping you? Your fears aren't truth - don't let them keep you from your dream!

We had a great Thanksgiving Day with all of our kids home!  We have so much to be thankful for and I just love my kids.  My parents were able to join us which meant there were a lot of hugs going around!  Anther reason it was a great day is that I got to feel my baby granddaughter kick for the first time.  Wow!!!

We also celebrated Ashley's birthday so all in all - a great month!

If you are a woman entrepreneur SAVE THE DATE of Friday, January 7,  2011

You'll get to spend the day with me growing your business...a whole day! And you get to do it from your own office.  Details coming soon.

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Looking for a Speaker?
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