Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.
~Albert Einstein

The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.  ~Hans Hoffman

Simplicity is making the journey of this life with just baggage enough.
~Author Unknown

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December 2009 Newsletter
"10 Simple Ways to Organize
During the Holidays"

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I just love turkey and all the goodies that go with it!

The 'kid's' table at Thanksgiving - Kacie, Micah, and Korra

With my parents on Thanksgiving. My parents are both 85 years young and I think they look terrific!

It is impossible to believe that December is here with all the great times that go with it.  I would encourage you to be very picky about what you do in December so you can really enjoy your time with family and friends and leave the stress behind.

In today's article I'm going to give you some simple ways to keep organizing during December which will help you feel better about everything you do this month!
Feature Article:
10 Simple Ways to Organize During the Holidays

  1. Don't worry about the whole house.  There are too many other fun things to do in December.  Just pick 3 areas that people see the most when they come over and organize those areas.
  2. As you take out your decorations don't put broken items back in the box.  Take the time to really go through and recycle/throw what is broke and give away what you no longer like and don't use.
  3. Piles of paper everywhere?  Attack one pile of paper every other day and make yourself make decisions about what to do with each piece.  Click here for a great article on how to put together a Command Center that will give all of your 'action' papers a home.
  4. Every morning when you apply your makeup get rid of 3 items you no longer use.
  5. Put a large basket in your closet and every day when you get dressed put 3 items in the basket that you no longer like and/or doesn't fit. By December 20 you'll have a nice amount of great clothing to give away to someone who would love to wear them. Encourage your entire family to do this.  Do the same thing in your coat closet.
  6. Every time you sit down to watch TV in your family room (or where ever you watch TV) take 5 minutes before the show starts to pick up and put away/recycle 10 items.
  7. Complete the laundry on the day you do it.  This means the clothing is folded, ironed, and put away.
  8. When you make a casserole for dinner make 2 of the same dish and freeze one.  You'll love having these ready-made meals over Christmas break.
  9. Every time you put away items from the dishwasher find 5 items in the cupboards that you no longer use or are no longer useful and recycle or give them away.
  10. Right before you go to bed walk through the house and put 3 things away.
10 simple ways to organize in December - it really can't get any easier and it's all about taking action and getting things out of your life that are no longer useful, you don't find them beautiful, and you don't love them anymore!

I want to wish you a happy, joyous Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

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Enjoy everything you do this month and give extra hugs to those you love!

~Have a fabulous December~
Confidently yours,

Elizabeth Hagen

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