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August 2011 Newsletter
'10 Areas in 30 Days'

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, the two most popular times of the year to get organized are the beginning of January and after Labor Day.


In a way they are both the start of a new year.  In January it really is the start of a new year and after Labor Day is thought of as 'back to school' which for many moms is the start of a new year!


I'd like to help you get organized this year BEFORE the 'after Labor Day' get organized rush.


I'm going to give you 10 areas to organize in 30 days.  That means you can make huge progress in the month of August and you only have to organize every 3rd day or so.  Sound doable?!


I'm using the word 'throw' but please know I also mean recycle/shred/give away.  By 'throw' I mean that it's good bye and out of your life in whatever fashion you choose.  



  • Use big black garbage bags
  • Once you throw something away you may not 'dumpster dive' later.  You made your decision; stick to it.
  • Set a timer for 10 minutes and go for it.  Don't do anything else. Stay focused.
  • If after 10 minutes you're really in the swing of things and want to keep going my answer is "YES"!!!!
  • Be ruthless. This is not the time to be namby-pamby.


Area #1: Makeup Drawer

Throw out 10 items that are empty or expired and/or give away 10 items that you don't like and someone else can use


Area #2:  Fridge

Dump 10 items that are out of date or you'll never eat 


Area #3:  Sock Drawer

Throw out 10 unmatched socks.


Area #4:  Junk Drawer

Throw out 10 keys or 10 items like dried up glue sticks, empty tape dispensers, dead pens, and broken items.


Area #5:  Under the sink

Yes, I know this is a horrible area but there are lots of items hiding there you'll never use. Throw 10 items out.


Area #6:  Your closet

I bet in 3 minutes you can find 10 items to give to someone else who would love to wear them and you haven't worn them in years.


Area #7: Kitchen counter

Throw or take care of 10 pieces of paper. Or, if you're feeling really industrious 10 piles of paper. 


Area #8:  Hot pad/dish towel drawer

Throw out 10 ratty hot pads and/or dish towels. You have my permission to buy pretty new ones.


Area #9:  Laundry area

Throw out 10 of your lotions and potions that you never use.  Look behind the washer.


Area #10:  Magazine basket/area

Get rid of 10 magazines. You'll never read them; you have no time. 


There, 10 areas in 30 days.  I'm even giving you a calendar so you can keep track of your progress. Print it out, tape on a kitchen counter, and cross off areas as you complete them. 


I'd love to take part in your journey!  At my blog please post as you conquer each area. I can't wait to celebrate with you!

Love and confidence,




Personal Note:

Recent highlights!

Top Row: Lunch with my dad for his birthday; visiting Abby in Houston
2nd Row: My writing retreat where I wrote "Confidence: Now is Your Time" which will be available this fall; visiting the University of South Dakota with Micah, his girlfriend, Korra and her mom
3rd Row: My birthday dinner at Chris and Ashley's; a weekend with good girl friends


There are 2 paths - one that keeps things the way they are and the other can change your life. Which will you choose?  



  • Loving being in your home
  • Finding things when you need them
  • Easily making meals in the kitchen and having the right ingredients
  • Knowing in advance what you're having for supper 
  • Only having in your closet what you love to wear
  • No more piles of paper distracting you
  • Finding important papers quickly

You may be thinking...that's not possible!  It is!


I want to help you feel beautiful in your home.  It's not as hard as you think.


I have put together 3 amazing teleclasses on the most important areas in the home to organize:

Your kitchen 

Your papers (this class is tonight, July 27!) 

Your closet


I've made the teleclasses very affordable and you can pick one, two, or all three! Don't wait any longer to take back control of your home and life.

Find out everything about these amazing teleclasses here!   


Don't worry if you've missed one as they are all recorded and you can listen to them whenever and as many times as you'd like!

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