Simplicity is making the journey of this life with just baggage enough.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
Leonardo DaVinci

It's a choice to live simply.  Sometime a difficult choice but a wise choice!
Elizabeth Hagen
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August 2009 Newsletter
"It's Time for Beautiful Simplicity"
We just had the absolute best weekend as our son, Chris, married Ashley Swanson on Saturday, July 25.  The had a beautiful outdoor wedding and the weather could not have been more perfect!  We all had a great time and we are so happy that Chris and Ashley found each other and are now happily married.

They both decided that they wanted a small, intimate wedding and it was perfect.  It was beautiful simplicity in action.  As I was thinking about their wedding I decided to write this month's newsletter on simplicity and how important it is for us in our lives.
Feature Article:
It's Time for Beautiful Simplicity

Life can be crazy, just crazy.  But a lot of it we bring on ourselves.  We may not mean to but we do.

What if we took on a new attitude of simplicity?  Simplicity in our conversation, simplicity in our attitude, simplicity in our tasks, simplicity in our relationships, simplicity.

I feel relaxed just thinking about it!

What would this new simplicity attitude look like? For me it looks like this:
  • Being more direct in my conversations
  • Saying what I feel
  • Less talk; more action
  • Less worry
  • Being choosier about my tasks each day - deciding what is really important and doing those first
  • Not responding to every phone call and deleting more e-mails
  • Going through our closets...again!
  • Getting back to planing our menus a week in advance
  • Making sure I have contact with each of my kids every day
  • Really listening to my husband
  • Taking time at the end of each day to tidy up my office
  • Sitting outside more
  • Exercising at least 5x a week
  • Hanging out with only supportive people
  • Getting up 30 minutes earlier
  • Cleaning out all the extra 'stuff' I've accumulated in my business supply closet
  • Longer devotional time every day
What would it look like for you?  I'd love to hear from you and the easiest way to do this is to comment on my blog.  Just go to my blog at www.elizabethhagenspeaks.com and click on the top right button that says "Subscribe in a Reader". Choose which way you'd like to receive my blog and we can stay in contact very easily.
I'm excited to hear how you will create beautiful simplicity in your life!

Have a fabulous August!
Fearlessly yours,

Elizabeth Hagen
Professional Organizer/Speaker
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