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Start Your 2015 Success Now!  
~~30 action steps to take in December to
make sure you start 2015 off with confidence~~

Wednesday, December 31, 2014
Dear Elizabeth,

Today is the last post in my '2015 Success Now' series. I feel sad. 

When I started this series I had no idea what December would hold for my family.  Absolutely no idea. 

If I had known I would have never started this series. But, I am so glad I didn't know because while I hope you have learned from this series; so have I and I have enjoyed writing each post.  

Also, I have loved the comments you have e-mailed me about how these action steps are changing your business and your life. I feel like I've gotten to know many of you better and I love that feeling!
Action Step #30:  Set Yourself Free
december 2014

Did December fly by for you?  It certainly did for me. Not necessarily the 12 days in the hospital with Emily but now that all seems like a blur.

This morning I went back to my Kosama gym after being gone 20 days. If you go regularly to a gym and had to stop for any reason then you know how hard it is to get back in the swing again. Not so much physically; but mentally.

My plan was to go to my normal class at 6:10 am and I hit the snooze button several times and then decided to go to the 9 am class.  As the time got closer and closer to 9 am I came up with all sorts of excuses not to go. I knew it would be hard for me to keep up with the others in the class, I knew I'd tire easily, I knew I'd be upset that I wasn't in the condition I was 20 days ago, and on and on.

I went anyway.  Please read this again - I went anyway.

kosama 12-30-14
During this '2015 Success Now' series I have given you a lot of action steps to take to get into shape for 2015. A lot!  Really too many to start and keep going in a 30-day period.  


My goal in giving these to you was not that these are steps you do once and you are done.  All of them must become a way of life for you to really get the best advantage from them.  They are steps you do over and over consistently. 


I went to Kosama today and you know what?  It wasn't as bad as I thought!  Yes, I went at a slower pace than others but as the class continued I became stronger and stronger.  When the class was over I was super surprised to see that the calories I burned were not a lot less than I burned per class before my 20-day break. 


Isn't that interesting?  We can get back in shape much quicker than we think.  As you look over the 29 action steps I gave you since December 1 you may have started a few and then stopped. That's ok.  Pick them up again. It won't be as hard as you think.  


Today I want you to set yourself free from thinking:

  • If I tried it once and gave up it's not worth doing


  • If I try one of these steps and don't do it perfectly it was a waste of time


  • There are just too many action steps to take to get me ready for success in 2015.  I'll just do things like I've done in the past and hope for the best. 

Set yourself free from any thoughts of what you wanted to have happened in the past 30 days but didn't.  Set yourself free and start again. 

What are you waiting for, Elizabeth?

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We all need our moms once in a while.  

If you have a big vision for 2015 - whether it is growing your business, finding greater balance, or improving your self-image - join me for my amazing new take-action program Set Yourself Free in 2015!

Imagine, having me be your business mom for 5 weeks - January 5 through February 7 - and together we will take any action steps from the past 30 days you want to become a way of life for you and complete them together!  You are not alone anymore. You will have my support plus the other gals in the group.

Enjoy your New Year's Eve and tomorrow I'll get you all the details for the Set Yourself Free in 2015 take-action program. 

There is room for 20 gals in this program. Want to be first on the list to find out more?  Click here to let me know you are ready for 'mom style' support, encouragement, advice, guidance, and a bit of heat when necessary!
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Miss any action steps?
In case you missed any of the past action steps to take for success in 2015 you can find them at my blog.

#1:   Start with Gratitude    #16: Settle No More
#2:   Stand Out                 #17: Stop It
#3:   Seize the Cards         #18: Super-size It
#4:   Send it Now                       #19: Sell What You Really Serve
#5:   Start Small               #20: Shake it Out
#6:   Sign In                     #21: Set Your Sights
#7:   Schedule or Be Lost    #22: Share to Show You Care
#8:   Show Me the Money    #23: Save Your Worries
#9:   Stage Your Desktop    #24: Shape Your Year
#10: Serve it Up                 #25: Surprise Someone
#11: Sort, Test, and Toss    #26: Simplify the Search
#12: Show Your Style         #27: Stand Up
#13: Strengthen Your Mind #28: Specialize-be Remembered
#14: Support You              #29: Seek & You Shall Find
#15: Save for Later
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Love this!
I work with women who want to get past what is stopping them and help them have the confidence to be extraordinary in their life and business. Is now your time?

I am SO glad to be working with you, Elizabeth. If it was not for you, I would have surely closed my business at the end of this year. Now - I have workshops, classes, speaking gigs and possibilities already in
the new year. 

Thank you so much for what you do...even if you did force me out of my sweats to go to an expo!

~~Wendy Taddeucci, CPO
LaPorte, IN

Elizabeth backs up her tough love approach with solid, dependable advice that took me and my business to new heights.  My revenue more than doubled just by following her systems.

~~Angela Esnouf, Professional Organiser, Creating Order
Melbourne, Australia


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