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Start Your 2015 Success Now!  
~~30 action steps to take in December to
make sure you start 2015 off with confidence~~

Wednesday, December 3, 2014
Dear Elizabeth,

I am thrilled to let you know because you are a SavvyBIZ newsletter subscriber and/or a SavvyBIZ Place member you will be getting one action step a day from me in December to make sure you start 2015 off with confidence in your business and yourself!

Every day in December (I will take Christmas off!) I will send you an action step you can easily do that day.  If you do each step every day you will be so on top of your office, your time management, your finances, your mindset,  and your business you will start 2015 with amazing confidence!

I suggest you make an e-mail folder called "Success 2015" where you can keep all of the e-mails and can access them easily in the future.  
Action Step #3: Seize the Cards
Ever have someone call you and you wonder where on earth you met them?  Or, what company there are with?  Or, what you last talked about with them?

Today, not tomorrow, today is the day to seize all of those business cards, post-it notes with names and phone numbers, napkins and scraps of paper with information from people you've met that you have on your desk, in your desk, in the purse, in the car - wherever! 
business card

Now that they are all in one place take 10 of them.  Yes, just 10. 

Open up your contact database system, enter their information and add as much as you can remember about about the person. What is most important as you enter their information is to categorize them immediately. Examples of categories are prospects, clients, past clients, etc.  When you do this it makes following up with segments of your database as easy as can be. 

Do not wait any longer.  Why? Because they don't need you 3 months from now.  They need to hear from you now. 

Tomorrow enter another 10.  The next day another 10.
What are you waiting for, Elizabeth?
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Interesting Image
Love this!
No one accomplishes anything great alone!  Is it time to work with a business coach?

I am SO glad to be working with you, Elizabeth. If it was not for you, I would have surely closed my business at the end of this year. Now - I have workshops, classes, speaking gigs and possibilities already in
the new year. 

Thank you so much for what you do...even if you did force me out of my sweats to go to an expo!

~~Wendy Taddeucci, CPO
LaPorte, IN

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