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Start Your 2015 Success Now!  
~~30 action steps to take in December to
make sure you start 2015 off with confidence~~

Tuesday, December 16, 2014
Dear Elizabeth,

I am thrilled to let you know because you are a SavvyBIZ newsletter subscriber and/or a SavvyBIZ Place member you will be getting one action step a day from me in December to make sure you start 2015 off with confidence in your business and yourself!

Every day in December (I will take Christmas off!) I will send you an action step you can easily do that day. If you do each step every day you will be so on top of your office, your time management, your finances, your mindset,  and your business you will start 2015 with amazing confidence!

I suggest you make an e-mail folder called "Success 2015" where you can keep all of the e-mails and can access them easily in the future.  
Action Step #16:  Settle No More
When the thought of a doing a task sounds too hard it's really easy to stop.  We can come up with so many excuses why NOT to do something. What if, instead of settling, we'd go the extra mile?
When I work out at my Kosama gym I wear a belt that transfers various data not only to the TV screen in the gym but gives me an overview via e-mail when I get home.

I can tell at any moment just how hard I'm working. What would it be like if we had this sort of accountability as we work in our business?!

Most workouts I burn between 400-540 calories and my goal for sometime has been 600 calories. At a recent workout I burned 578 calories. I was so close to my goal of burning 600 calories.  I was about to leave when the workout was done but instead I pushed myself and started doing various aerobic exercises and watched the counter go up, and up, and up all the way to 622.  What a fabulous feeling! I didn't settle that day for the 578.

Are you settling in what you do every day to grow your business? What would it be like in your business if you would stop settling?

Even though you may feel like stopping you can always:
  • Make three more calls
  • Spend 20 more minutes googling places to speak
  • Write 3 more blog posts
  • Take 30 minutes of uninterrupted time and handle 30 more e-mail
  • Get to your office an extra 30 minutes early and spend quality time planning

What is your '600 calorie' goal?  Today is the day to push a bit further.  Tomorrow is another day to push further.  Stop settling.

What are you waiting for, Elizabeth?

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In case you missed any of the past action steps to take for success in 2015 you can find them at my blog.

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Love this!
I work with women who want to get past what is stopping them and help them have the confidence to be extraordinary in their life and business. Is now your time?

I am SO glad to be working with you, Elizabeth. If it was not for you, I would have surely closed my business at the end of this year. Now - I have workshops, classes, speaking gigs and possibilities already in
the new year. 

Thank you so much for what you do...even if you did force me out of my sweats to go to an expo!

~~Wendy Taddeucci, CPO
LaPorte, IN

Elizabeth backs up her tough love approach with solid, dependable advice that took me and my business to new heights.  My revenue more than doubled just by following her systems.

~~Angela Esnouf, Professional Organiser, Creating Order
Melbourne, Australia


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