New = Fun!

Last Sunday night I was so nervous. On Monday I was going to give my 1st virtual Create Your Life the Way God Intended Vision Board Retreat to 8 amazing women.

I had never given this retreat virtually; only in person.

I was the new-to-me Zoom online platform to give the retreat. All weekend I practiced on the platform and found it very easy to use, but still, the nervousness increased.

Monday morning at 10 AM I started the virtual retreat and it was a blast! What was I so nervous for?

We spent 6 hours together exploring God’s vision for them in 2017. What a fantastic way to spend a day.

virtual-vision-board-retreatAnd, the Zoom platform worked like a charm. Using video, we could see each other as we shared and they created their board.

What if I had been too afraid to try something new? What if I had caved to my fear and never attempted this or cancelled it?

Then I would not have spent the day with gals from California all the way to Rhode Island.

Then I would have missed the chance to share what God tells us about dreaming big and asking big prayers.
Then these women would not have their vision smack dab in front of them to remind them what they are called to do and to take action to achieve their goals.

Caving to the fear would have been a very sad thing to do. I’m so glad I did what I set out to do.

Is something new calling you? How are you answering? Now is your time to say yes!


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