Make it count

kosama-sign-AprilI walked into my Kosama gym and saw this sign in the entryway.

Made me stop and think!

Do I really use my 55 minutes during the class to make it count?

I like to think I do, but do I really?

Everything we do is all about staying present. The minute we lose our ‘stay present’ mindset we lose our focus.

What do you get done when you lose focus? If you are like me – not much!

In the gym that’s when I lose my form, when I go lighter on the weights, and when I stop to chat during the workout!

In my office it’s when I ‘quick check my e-mail’ while working on a project, when I don’t keep the ‘why’ of my business top of mind, and when I feel overwhelmed.

How can you stay present today and make your 55 minutes count?

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