Let’s go old school


With all the electronic and battery-operated toys out there I find it quite amazing to see children play with what I call ‘old school’ toys.

Do you remember Play-Doh?! Do you remember how fun it was? It’s all about creativity with no electronic mechanism to help you.

Last Saturday was Alexander’s 3rd birthday and he received a fun Play-Doh cooking. Addilynn and Alex brought it over to my house and we had a blast. We had green and yellow french fries, red hamburgers, blue watermelon, and much more!

Old school. I’ve been noticing it lately:

  • A mom with three children drove by on their bikes and the mom was on an old-fashioned cruiser bike with the rear rack and front basket. Remember those?
  • Remember the Crayola crayon boxes? Adult coloring is very popular. There are a plethora of coloring books with intricate pictures for adults to color and de-stress themselves.
  • Sidewalk chalk. Two doors down lives a girl who uses chalk to make intricate drawings and phrases on their driveway. I love walking by her house.
  • Roller blading. I thought that was long gone but when I bike on the bike trails I see that is still popular.
  • Hop Skotch, bed jumping, hide and seek – these are some of the fun activities Addie, Alex, and I have had together. Alex thinks we can’t see him when he has a pillow over his head!

I just realized all the above examples require being present. That’s what is missing when we bury our head into our tablets, phones, and computers.

Old school. How can you incorporate this into your life and business?

The first Old School method we can implement is to start looking up. That’s where life is found. Then, go for a bike ride!

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