Let’s get picky

Who do you spend time with?

Who do you like to spend time with?

Are they the same people?

I learned early on in my business to get very, very specific about who I wanted to help. The more specific I was the better fit I was for them and they for me.

mom-addi-1-20-16Plus, I had more fun!

I also learned to get very, very specific about the people I wanted to spend my time with in my life.

Two of my favorite people are my mom and Miss Addilynn Brooke. Time spent with them is time well spent.

Take some time to write down (yes, write down) attributes about the clients you want to work every day. Things like their values, beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes along with age, location, occupation, etc. One of the biggest attributes I look for is if they are a really nice person. This makes everything easier!

Have a lot of fun doing this and think specifics.

If you think you don’t have time for this you are not thinking clearly. It’s much easier to market to a specific type of client than to the masses.

You can also do this with the type of friends you want to have in your life. Why not?!

Let me know what you write and I can help you find them!

confidence-book-coverLife is too short to be anything but happy.
If you have my book Confidence: Now is Your Time read the “You’re Fired” chapter. Then, do what it says!

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