It’s time to look at those who came before

Have you heard the song “Who I Am” sung by Jessica Andrews? If not you can listen here. I think you’ll love it!

The chorus is:
I am Rosemary’s granddaughter
The spitting image of my father
And when the day is done my momma’s still my biggest fan
Sometimes I’m clueless and I’m clumsy
But I’ve got friends that love me
And they know just where I stand
It’s all a part of me
And that’s who I am

Grandpa and his boys! My dad is 2nd from right.

Recently I found the newspaper that had my Grandpa Vogel’s obituary from March 6, 2000 They titled the article “Leaving a Legacy” and showed this precious picture of my grandma and grandpa in their Dutch costumes.

My grandpa was born in 1896 in Holland and came to the United States when he was 17 years old. At one time he had 75 cents to his name. After he tried farming he decided to start painting which his father did in Holland. He realized the quality of the paint here did not match the quality used by his family in Europe. He bought a pigment grinder and started making his own paint. By the 1940’s the company was known as Vogel Paint & Wax. Eventually his children joined him in the business including my dad. The company became Diamond Vogel Paint in 1967.

If you’ve done the math you realize my grandpa lived to 103!

As an entrepreneur and small business owner you know the highs and lows of being in business. Perhaps you feel like there are far too many days of wondering how you can make your business grow.

Look at your legacy. Who in your family tree can you pull strength from?

I am Andrew Vogel’s granddaughter.

Growing up Dutch!

Who are you?

By the time I was old enough to learn my grandpa’s story Diamond Vogel Paint was a big success. But I know that there had to be many days/months/years that my grandpa faced the same challenges I do in my business and you do in yours.

But, he didn’t quit. Giving up in not in his legacy to me and it will not be in my legacy to my children and grandchildren.

Who are you?


Trust me when I tell you I can look in my family tree and find examples that are not like my grandpa! Perhaps you can, too. But let’s not dwell on those examples.

I want you to think back to your family members that showed amazing strength and realize that their legacy is in you.

Make a list of these amazing people and what you most admired about them. Then pull out one strength you will focus on in February.

My Theme for 2013:
My theme is ‘Full Throttle Wide Open’ and every time I face a fear, or doubt myself, or am tempted to do less, etc. all I have to do is say ‘Full Throttle Wide Open’ and I jump past any fears and doubts. You can’t live or do a business full throttle wide open and be hiding!

My grandpa lived and worked ‘full throttle wide open’.

Please post below the family member whose strength you will focus on this month.

3 Responses to It’s time to look at those who came before

  1. Tracy Hoth says:

    Love this article! Love you! You are an inspiration! A lady at a networking event said to me as I was leaving, “This is your year!” It made me think of your “Now is your time!” and I’ve decided that “this is my year!” will be my theme this year! It energizes me each time I think of it and it will definitely take me past any fear that pops up! 🙂

  2. Ola Otto says:

    I agree with Tracy! I LOVE the “This is my time; this is my year!” I started using that one last year and think I’ll continue it this year! Bless you, Elizabeth.

  3. Love it for both of you, Tracy and Ola!

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